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Don't Lose Your Head eBook

Head Style or Drive Style? Don’t Lose Your Head With Our eBook

You are probably familiar with a number of screw and driver styles, but you may not be aware that hundreds of different drives in all shapes and sizes have been developed over the years. From slotted drives to hexagonal recessed drives, there are a wide variety of head and drive combinations for both everyday use and specialized applications. APM Hexseal has consulted with our in-house hardware specialists to compile a comprehensive collection of information on screw head and drive designs...

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NJ Essentail Manufacturer

COVID-19 Impact and APM Hexseal Precautions

It’s business as UN-usual at APM Hexseal! COVID-19 has affected all of us and APM Hexseal is no exception. First and foremost, we are mindful of our partners, friends and neighbors who have been impacted by this virus. We hope that anyone afflicted recovers quickly and fully. APM Hexseal supplies many, many products for the medical, military, food, beverage and sanitizing industries. We feel it is our duty and responsibility to continue to produce products for these industries who are...

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Sealing Boots

How to Match Switches With Boots

When working with electrical equipment, it is critical that the components be protected from contaminants and harsh environmental conditions. This is why APM Hexseal originally developed and patented the first sealing boots on the market, designed to shield electrical components from the incursion of unwanted moisture, pollutants, and other factors that could harm sensitive electrical components. In order to meet the needs of a comprehensive array of applications, APM Hexseal has since engineered a variety of sealing solutions in a...

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Sealing Hardware

Why Use Sealing Hardware?

In the industrial sector, sealing hardware plays a critical role in ensuring components are securely fastened within a system and preventing contaminants—such as liquids and gases—from moving through the sealed area. Depending on the type of hardware—e.g., screws, nuts, bolts, and washers—and design employed, industry professionals can also take advantage of additional functions and features. The following blog post provides an overview of some of the benefits of using sealing hardware, as well as outlines the types of sealing hardware...

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Celebrating Alice Parker

APM Hexseal continues to celebrate black history month, and we'd like to celebrate Alice Parker! Alice H. Parker was an African American inventor who was awarded a patent for inventing a system of central heating using natural gas. Her patent was filed in 1919, when using natural gas to power a heating furnace was a revolutionary idea that conserved energy and was the foundation for the central heating systems in homes and buildings today. Parker was raised in Morristown NJ...

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Celebrating Elijah McCoy

This black history month, we wish to celebrate Elijah McCoy Elijah McCoy was born in 1844 in Ontario, Canada. His family was one of the few families who was successfully relocated to Canada by the Underground Railroad organization, and later on, their family became very successful. His parents worked hard and saved money until they had enough put together to send him to Scotland to learn Mechanical Engineering in an apprenticeship. He returned to the U.S. and led a highly...

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APM Hexseal Team

Susanna Morse Wins Thomas NextGen for Industry Award

Every month, Thomas—a major partner for a wide range of industrial stakeholders around the world—awards the NextGen for Industry Award to recognize an up-and-coming leader in the industrial sector. In November, that honor goes to Susanna Morse, APM Hexseal's own Director of Engineering and Technology!  The NextGen for Industry Award The next generation of leaders is taking the industrial sector to the next level with fresh ideas and a bold approach to modern challenges. These innovators are responsible for driving...

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Ever Better! APM Hexseal Announces Invigorated New Direction

APM Hexseal is undergoing significant internal changes. To reflect our growing business and new leadership, we’re rolling out a sleek new logo and brand identity that represents our place as an innovator in sealing solutions. We’re a 72-year-old family owned and operated company, and we’ve been the Global industry leader in sealing solutions for electronic and electromechanical equipment since our founding in 1947! We’ve been trying new things and innovating in the development of sealing products since our inception, proving...

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Do You Need a Bigger Boot?

The circuitry with electronic equipment can be extremely fragile, especially when exposed to environmental substances like water, salt, dirt, and chemicals. Even small amounts of these contaminants can damage electronics easily. This damage usually leads to unplanned downtime, profit loss, and a jump in equipment repair and replacement costs. The risk lies in the gaps between switches and other parts. Even tight-fitting assemblies typically have minor gaps in areas where there are movable parts like switches—otherwise, friction would prevent the...

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cold headed fasteners

Benefits of Cold Headed Fasteners

What Are Cold Headed Parts? Cold heading is a manufacturing method that employs cold forming techniques to produce standard and custom fasteners and components quickly and efficiently. Parts and products produced through this method are referred to as “cold headed”. The cold heading process involves the use of a cold heading machine that contains a series of specialized hammers and dies. Pre-cut wire—also known as a slug—is inserted into the machine, where the hammers and dies form it into the...

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