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Assorted O Rings

A Guide to O-Ring Material Selection

O-rings play a vital role in sealing fasteners. Sealing fasteners are hardware devices (e.g., sealing bolts, sealing screws, and sealing nuts) used to mechanically join two or more components together. They also form seals at the fastening point that prevent unwanted ingress or egress of materials. They have built-in O-rings, which create a tight hermetic seal once the fastening element is fully installed.  The O-ring element in a sealing fastener can be made from a variety of materials depending on...

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Sealing Fasteners

Guide to Sealing Fasteners

Fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, and nails provide connections for critical components and disparate substrates across industries. Sealing fasteners go a step further by tightly sealing against the substrate, making them particularly for high-value and high-intensity situations. Today, we want to take a closer look at sealing fasteners – what they are, how they work, and why they're so crucial. What are Sealing Fasteners? A sealing fastener features an elastomer molded or built into the hardware, eliminating the need...

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Fastener Innovation Award

Nutzilla Wins Fastener Innovation Award

People are going nuts for our new “Nutzilla” product! The largest Seelnut® in our portfolio has shown users across industries that sometimes bigger really is better.  If you need large, self-sealing nuts in your application, Nutzilla is the product for you. After all, these puppies are the size of...well, puppies! Nutzilla Product Design Nutzilla benefits from the same innovative design and excellent molding quality as the rest of our Seelnut line of products, so you can expect it to feature...

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Women's History Month

Happy Women’s History Month!

What Does it Mean to Be an Icon? Such an interesting term, used to describe many people and many things but what does it truly signify? In layman’s terms, icon means idol, standout, pinnacle – the essence of greatness in a category. Icons can come from anywhere or from any walk of life.  It is their unparalleled success or excellence that awards them the status of icon. What is usually fascinating about icons is their journey, their history, their “how...

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Community Service

APM Hexseal Gives Back

At APM Hexseal, we believe in taking care of one another. At times like these, it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together, and  together is how we will get through this pandemic. To that end, we’re doing all that we can to help the citizens of our community. Doing our part to help those in need has always been one of the core values of our APM Hexseal family. Our Recent Community Efforts The APM Hexseal team...

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Assorted Parts

Benefits of Working With a One-Stop-Shop Manufacturer

In order to fabricate custom sealing components, many industry professionals must closely coordinate with each other throughout every step of the process. During the course of a project, you are likely to find yourself working with: Designers Manufacturers Engineers Quality Inspectors Tooling Experts  Vetting and continually communicating with so many contractors can be challenging and time-consuming, often leading to difficulties in controlling critical aspects of the production process. Working with a one-stop-shop manufacturer makes it possible to consolidate all aspects...

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Happy Thanksgiving from APM Hexseal

Happy Thanksgiving From APM Hexseal

APM Hexseal has a lot to be thankful for, this holiday season.  Although the year has indeed been a very challenging one, APM Hexseal has survived and thrived.  Throughout the pandemic, we have remained fully operational. We made numerous adjustments to our staff schedule and plant operations, to create a safe and functional operational atmosphere for all our employees. Safety was our top priority and we worked very hard to ensure that we could continue to produce our products, while...

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Why Silicone Rubber?

Versatile, resilient, and highly durable, silicone rubber is one of the most popular synthetic polymer materials available. Dependability in even the harshest of environments makes this elastomer uniquely suited for use as a sealant across a vast range of industries. Silicone Rubber This type of rubber is composed of silicone, a type of polymer formed by combining the metalloid silicon with methyl chloride. These polymers are resistant to extreme temperatures and are available as solids, liquids, pastes, and greases. Due...

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Anatomy of an O-Ring Screw

At APM Hexseal, we specialize in creating uniquely powerful fasteners for multiple applications. Our Seelskrew® product is the original self-sealing O-ring screw designed to create an impenetrable seal that blocks water, lubricants, gases, air, and other fluids. We provide this specialty seal screw in a variety of thread sizes and sealing materials. The Seelskrew® can also be supplied with self-locking patches, pellets, and strips to reduce the risk of vibration breaking the seal. Advantages of APM Hexseal's O-Ring Screws Our...

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Sneak Preview: Econo-Nuts

Sneak preview – coming soon: We are going nuts at APM Hexseal! We heard you! You asked and we answered. You have repeatedly asked us for a more economical alternative to our ever-popular Seelnuts - a sealing solution that provides the highest degree of quality, reusability and sealing life on the market today. Not every application requires the extensive reusability of our premier line of Seelnuts – so you requested another option. We are proud to introduce our new line...

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