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Sealing solutions are essential for every step of collecting, processing, and distributing oil and gas. Without nonreactive seals and parts, chemicals can quickly corrode, break down, and otherwise destroy equipment and pipelines. At APM Hexseal, we specialize in creating unique, reliable sealing materials and components that companies throughout the chemical industry trust to keep their systems operational and their products consistently high-quality.

Not only does our team of engineers produce components that will meet or exceed your high standards, but we can also help you find the right materials for sealing hardware at every stage of oil and gas production — from extraction to final product delivery. We make components made from nitrile, silicones, TFE/P, and more, ensuring the products align with the needs of the materials you work with.

The Chemical Industry and Its Requirements

The umbrella of chemical industries, which includes the oil and gas industry, extends into every sector of the economy. Food processing companies rely on chemical production; the shipping industry relies on oil and gas. Because these industries are so expansive and require increasingly specialized tools, different material requirements for different chemicals exist. Broadly speaking, chemicals are split into these five categories:

  • Basic chemicals
  • Fine chemicals
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Organic chemicals
  • Specialty chemicals

Not only do the chemicals within these categories possess unique characteristics, but the facilities that refine and process them have unique needs and features. They require sealing solutions made from different materials and have different specifications to maintain compatibility with the chemicals with which they make contact. Some of the responsibilities of sealing hardware include:

  • Not reacting to chemicals or environmental factors, both to preserve the equipment and to prevent contamination of the chemicals themselves
  • Eliminate potential process interruptions and flaws
  • Prevent leaks
  • Reducing unscheduled downtime and extending the lifespan of the processing equipment

Because chemicals can react to different plastics, rubbers, and synthetic materials, it’s important to work with experienced specialists who can help you determine the right material solutions for the chemical components, heat requirements, and environmental conditions of your systems.

Considerations for Your Chemical and Petroleum Sealing Solutions

Because the chemical industry is so broad, finding the right solutions for your needs can be a challenge. The upstream, midstream, and downstream processes in the oil industry alone encompass multiple different systems with specific needs. As a result, facility managers must carefully determine what processes their facilities manage and what conditions their hardware needs to survive.

Some key demands for sealing hardware include nonreactivity to chemicals, tolerance for temperature extremes (including extremely hot processing temperatures and below-freezing external temperatures), and pressure resistance. Pressure resistance isn’t just important for managing the internal pressures of fluid; seals must also withstand deep-sea pressures in underwater pipelines and systems. Natural environments also present hazards such as dirt and dust, sunlight, brine, and extreme weather events. The sealant solutions for oil and gas drilling must stand up to high-pressure, hot, or cold conditions without allowing leaks or contamination.

When sealing solutions break down, millions of dollars in wasted product can be lost. Even worse, the surrounding environment becomes saturated with caustic chemicals and dangerous pollutants. Human workers and residents in the area also may suffer health effects from the spill or leak. On-land refineries in natural forests and undersea pipelines, and every environment in between, can be at risk without adequate seals and protections.

At APM Hexseal, our extensive line of sealing solutions is designed and constructed to handle oil and gas processes including:

  • Mining and extraction
  • Transportation of chemicals and byproducts throughout the supply chain
  • Short-term and long-term chemical storage
  • Crude oil refining to produce products such as petroleum, kerosene, and diesel or fuel

The Benefits of Our Sealing Hardware

Our sealing hardware provides the foundation for reliable performance and material integrity for both the chemical products and the machinery in use. We build our products to fasten hardware together without allowing leaks or chemical seepage along the seams. Along with the promise of superior performance, our products areUL-listed and are often used in NEMA-rated enclosures. The seals can also be reused for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

The Benefits of Our Sealing Boots

Sealing boots protect switches and electrical components from the elements by providing a layer of impenetrable cover that doesn’t impede operation. Our bushings and boots come in a wide array of options for use on most industry-standard toggles and switches. Along with our standard product lines, we specialize in custom seal boot molding and production services.

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APM Hexseal has provided reliable sealing solutions to companies throughout the chemical and oil and gas industries for decades. We create standard and custom sealing hardware that can withstand virtually any environment and system demands. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote to start your order.