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Nutzilla Wins Fastener Innovation Award

Nutzilla SeelnutPeople are going nuts for our new “Nutzilla” product! The largest Seelnut® in our portfolio has shown users across industries that sometimes bigger really is better.  If you need large, self-sealing nuts in your application, Nutzilla is the product for you. After all, these puppies are the size of…well, puppies!

Nutzilla Product Design

Nutzilla benefits from the same innovative design and excellent molding quality as the rest of our Seelnut line of products, so you can expect it to feature the same superior performance. By molding high-quality rubber materials along the contact surface and threaded section, our engineers have developed a method for forming an effective positive seal in virtually any application. 

With sizes up to M90, the proprietary metal-to-rubber bonding processes we use in the single-piece design of Nutzilla guarantees a reliable seal for your large bolts without adding any messy sealants or extra gaskets. This means you gain benefits such as:

  • Exceptional seal integrity
  • A long shelf life of 25 years or more
  • Excellent reusability
  • Optional self-locking pellets



If you use giant bolts, then you’d be nuts not to use Nutzilla! You don’t want overly complicated oversized fasteners. You want something simple and easy to use. Nutzilla’s capabilities simplify the installation process and eliminate the need for extra gaskets and sealants that can complicate installation, since this product seals itself. 

As the best gargantuan nut on the market, Nutzilla provides an ideal self-sealing solution for the following applications:

  • Bridge and tunnel building
  • Environments from -103°F to 400°F
  • Excavation equipment
  • Industrial construction
  • Oil and gas production
  • Power generation
  • Subterranean and underwater infrastructure
  • Transportation

Fastener Innovation AwardNutzilla Wins 2021 Fastener Innovation Award

The Fastener Innovation Award from Worldwide Fastener Sources identifies people and companies that are “leading the way to specific performance with new fastener innovation, development, and design.” This award recognizes engineers and designers who put fastener development and design first instead of treating it as an afterthought during assembly, ultimately creating a better fastener standard for tomorrow.

APM Hexseal has proudly been named as a recipient of the 2021 Fastener Innovation Award for our Nutzilla Seelnut solution. This award reflects our commitment to innovative design and continuous improvement in our product line, and we are thrilled to be granted this honor.

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