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Founded in 1947, APM Hexseal is a leader in developing and manufacturing environmental sealing solutions for the advanced protection and longevity of circuit breakers and electromechanical switches. APM Hexseal is a trusted sealing products provider for extreme military, commercial, and industrial applications. With worldwide sales representation, a national and international distribution network, and a growing product line, we are well-equipped to service your sealing needs quickly and effectively. We also offer technical support, an experienced engineering team, and a first-rate...

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How to Select the Right Elastomer

An elastomer is a material that returns to its original shape after bending and stretching, which makes it especially useful for sealing seams to prevent gases, liquids, and more from getting in or out. There are more than 20 types of elastomers, each with specific properties for effective sealing in a range of applications, including marine, outdoor, medical, aerospace, lighting, agriculture, food and beverage, and more. What Is an Elastomer? Elastomers are polymers with the unique ability to return to...

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Manufactured in America

Benefits of Working with an American Manufacturer

Since 1947, APM Hexseal has been a leading provider of top-quality internal and external sealing solutions for various industries and applications. We proudly manufacture all of our sealing solutions in our New Jersey manufacturing facility. While many companies have moved their manufacturing operations overseas in an effort to find cheaper labor and production costs, we understand the many benefits of manufacturing in the United States. Shorter Lead Times When you partner with an American manufacturer, your lead times can be...

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Is a Gasket the Same as a Washer?

APM Hexseal is a leading provider of durable high-quality sealing hardware, including custom-molded gaskets and washers. Gaskets and washers are often assumed to be the same thing, as they have a similar design and are both used in conjunction with other components. While they have a similar appearance, they serve very different purposes. Gasket vs. Washer: What's the Difference? Although gaskets and washers share some similarities, they serve different functions. Gaskets are used to prevent leaks around mating surfaces, whereas...

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APM Hexseal Seeloc Washe

The Purpose of Washers & Why They’re Used With Fasteners

A washer is a mechanical component that consists of a circular flattened metal, plastic, or rubber disk with a hole through the middle. Washers are typically used with fasteners such as screws and bolts to distribute the load of the fastener, prevent damage to sensitive surface materials, and reduce the potential for leaks. Are washers necessary? That depends largely on the application and the substrate.  For more than 70 years, APM Hexseal has been creating innovative sealing solutions for customers...

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Metal Roof Leak

Common Causes of Metal Roof Leaks

Metal roof leaks are not unusual, but they can be extremely costly. Undetected and unchecked, a leak can allow moisture to collect on roof supports, interior walls and ceilings, and even structural supports that keep the building standing. Over time, moisture can cause these building components to rust or rot. Standing water in the building interior can also promote microbial growth, which can cause severe air quality issues and health problems.  At APM Hexseal, we understand that an impenetrable metal...

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APM Hexseal Seelskrews & Seelbolts

How a Self-Sealing Screw Works

Founded in 1947, APM Hexseal has provided environmental sealing solutions for over 70 years. We offer a wide range of innovative sealing products for use in industrial and commercial applications. Unlike traditional fasteners, they serve a dual purpose: joining components together and sealing contaminants in/out.  One of our core offerings is self-sealing screws. In this blog post, we provide an overview of these products, highlighting what they are, how they work, and what applications they are used in.  What Is...

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Assorted O Rings

A Guide to O-Ring Material Selection

O-rings play a vital role in sealing fasteners. Sealing fasteners are hardware devices (e.g., sealing bolts, sealing screws, and sealing nuts) used to mechanically join two or more components together. They also form seals at the fastening point that prevent unwanted ingress or egress of materials. They have built-in O-rings, which create a tight hermetic seal once the fastening element is fully installed.  The O-ring element in a sealing fastener can be made from a variety of materials depending on...

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Sealing Fasteners

Guide to Sealing Fasteners

Fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, and nails provide connections for critical components and disparate substrates across industries. Sealing fasteners go a step further by tightly sealing against the substrate, making them particularly for high-value and high-intensity situations. Today, we want to take a closer look at sealing fasteners – what they are, how they work, and why they're so crucial. What are Sealing Fasteners? A sealing fastener features an elastomer molded or built into the hardware, eliminating the need...

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Fastener Innovation Award

Nutzilla Wins Fastener Innovation Award

People are going nuts for our new “Nutzilla” product! The largest Seelnut® in our portfolio has shown users across industries that sometimes bigger really is better.  If you need large, self-sealing nuts in your application, Nutzilla is the product for you. After all, these puppies are the size of...well, puppies! Nutzilla Product Design Nutzilla benefits from the same innovative design and excellent molding quality as the rest of our Seelnut line of products, so you can expect it to feature...

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