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Anatomy of an O-Ring Screw

At APM Hexseal, we specialize in creating uniquely powerful fasteners for multiple applications. Our Seelskrew® product is the original self-sealing O-ring screw designed to create an impenetrable seal that blocks water, lubricants, gases, air, and other fluids. We provide this specialty seal screw in a variety of thread sizes and sealing materials. The Seelskrew® can also be supplied with self-locking patches, pellets, and strips to reduce the risk of vibration breaking the seal.

Advantages of APM Hexseal’s O-Ring Screws

Our O-ring screws bring an extensive list of advantages, including:

  • Sealing Power. The Seelskrew® has a pressure-sealing rating of up to 20,000 psi to keep out fluids.
  • Protection Against Degradation and Wear. We can provide anti-vibration and anti-movement features to lock the screws in place, even on machinery that generates a lot of noise and vibration. This protects the O-ring against wear and tear.
  • Expert Construction. We build our Seelskrew® with silicone rubber O-rings that fit into a custom-engineered groove on the screw. Clients can also choose from a range of O-ring materials.
  • Compressibility. The Seelskrew® requires a total compression of less than 20% of its original size when torqued.
  • Easy Installation. Each Seelskrew® is pre-assembled before delivery for fast, easy installation.

O-Ring Screws Features and Benefits

O-ring screws are valuable tools that offer many features and benefits. They are just as easy to install as conventional fasteners, offer metal-to-metal contact for a durable connection, and can work with a wide variety of surface finishes. Some other key benefits of choosing the Seelskrew® from APM Hexseal include:

  • A wide range of application-specific options during manufacturing, including a wide range of O-ring materials such as BUNA-N, Viton®, silicone rubber, and more; thread-locking add-ons for vibration resistance; and tamper-resistant heads
  • Versatility in environments with temperatures of up to +500°F
  • Ability to be reinstalled without degradation of the silicone O-ring
  • Safe installation and uninstallation without the use of dangerous chemicals or difficult disposal requirements
  • UL recognized and provide positive sealing, even in environments under pressure or vacuum

Get Into the Groove

Are you feeling groovy? So are we. Our eBook discusses the importance of fastener grooves and how they impact the successful operation of sealing hardware.

Get Into the Groove

Typical Applications for APM Hexseal Self-Sealing O-Ring Screws

Some of the most common applications for our self-sealing O-ring screws include:

Our Seelskrew® can be used in virtually any application where the fasteners need to mitigate the risk fluid leakage.

Screws and Bolts

Designing With APM Hexseal Experts

At APM Hexseal, our in-house design team creates soft tooling and prototype parts for your evaluation as part of the design and fabrication process. This step allows your team to explore the best possible designs to maximize effectiveness while minimizing costs. Thorough prototyping and design optimizations ensure the best possible performance of delivered products.

Choose APM Hexseal for O-Ring Screws

APM Hexseal’s Seelskrew® operates as both a tough, durable fastener and a reliable fluid-proof seal. Our self-sealing fasteners are used throughout almost every industry and are UL recognized. Our parts are also third-party tested as part of our extensive quality assurance processes. Learn more about how we manufacture the Seelskrew® by downloading our eBook, Get Into the Groove. 

Along with our Seelskrew®, we also design and manufacture switch and circuit breaker sealing solutions and products for sensitive equipment, including toggle switches. For help with your sealing solutions, contact our team today.

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