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Military Solutions by APM Hexseal: Advanced Sealing Technology Since 1947

APM Hexseal was established in 1947 in response to some of the most fundamental technical challenges that faced military engineers during WWII. Since then, our electronic and electrical device seals have protected aerospace and military control panels and the devices that depend on them from environmental contaminants, weather, spills, and even certain types of gases. Learn more about our first innovations, the major milestones in our history, and our extensive product line.

The Genesis of Innovation

Our founder, Milton Morse—a self-taught engineer and inventor—started APM Hexseal on the strength of a vision. He created the original sealing switch boot to protect critical control panel switches used in military operations. The molded covering protected the electromechanical switch as well as the mounting panel from liquid and gas infiltration. Building on the success of the switch boots, Morse developed and patented a full product line of circuit breaker, potentiometer, and switch seals designed to function reliably over more than 100,000 actuations.

Morse and APM Hexseal helped develop the MIL-B-5423 military specification, now known as MIL-DTL-5423, which sets standards for the protection of military equipment. APM Hexseal continues to research and develop solutions to protect electrical components from unpredictable, adverse environmental challenges. These include our UL-recognized silicone sealing boots, designed to mate perfectly with most standard electrical switches, encoders, breakers, and rotary devices.

Milestones in APM Hexseal’s History

After early success with our military silicone switch boots, the team at APM Hexseal went on to invent and patent other types of sealing products, including reusable and self-sealing washers, screws, nuts and bolts, which were initially designed to add IP66/68 ingress protection to our circuit breaker seal mounting flanges. Applications for our self-sealing products have now expanded to include innumerable other functions for electrical devices.

Focusing on defense and aerospace technologies has given us the experience and expertise to succeed in many other industrial and commercial markets. APM Hexseal’s recent inventions include a trigger circuit breaker boot to actuate more difficult breakers and switches as well as the Ultra Flex full- and half-toggle boot, which protects switches while eliminating the risk of unintentionally tripping sensitive switching components. We have produced over 50 million boots in various sizes and types, installed by over 200,000 customers around the world.

Today, we have over 100 patents to our name and have become the primary supplier for the U.S. military as well as the following markets:

APM Hexseal in Military and Defense

Our advanced sealing products fulfill several important functions throughout the defense and aerospace sectors:

  • Protecting electrical systems from damage, moisture, and contaminants
  • Creating watertight or airtight seals
  • Optimizing performance for critical operations
  • Maximizing equipment lifespan

In addition to sealing electromechanical switches and mounting panels, our innovative sealing technology can be applied to vehicle or aircraft window and door seals, communication gear, PPE, interior engine components, valves, and numerous other pieces of equipment.

Backed by a vast repository of innovative sealing products, designed and improved upon over decades, APM Hexseal helps customers achieve greater system function under the most demanding conditions with reliable and effective sealing technologies.

Our state-of-the-art self-sealing hardware products include:

Our sealing bushings and boots include:

We also provide NASM 82496 testing to verify whether sealing screws intended for military applications are fully capable of withstanding the pressures and use conditions involved.

APM Hexseal: A Legacy That Endures

Dating back to the founding of APM Hexseal, our switch sealing solutions have been crucial to facilitating the function and efficiency of defense and aerospace applications. Today, we remain just as committed to product quality and innovation as we were at the beginning, with a dedicated focus on the continually evolving technical requirements of the defense and aerospace industries.

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