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Automation makes the world go round! Keeping your automated lines operating at peak performance requires superior quality and protection of intricate and delicate mechanical components. Our self-sealing hardware safeguards your sensitive automated and robotic equipment to keep downtime and failure to a minimum.

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Protecting our food supply by making sure our farmers have equipment that functions properly and efficiently in the most difficult environments.

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Vehicle/Heavy Equipment

Reliable, vibration resistant, and reusable, our products protect motors, batteries, and engine components to ensure peak performance. Hard wear? We have the hardware. PPAP’s and First Articles available.

chemical industry


We’re dedicated to protecting our environment and use products that shield the most sensitive ecosystems from extremely hazardous contaminants.

drilling industry

Drilling/Down Hole/Pump

Challenging environments are what our products are made for. Get down and dirty, we’ve got you covered.

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Safeguarding your sensitive systems under the harshest operating conditions. Many of our products are UL recognized—perfect solutions for NEMA rated enclosures.

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Energy Generation

Optimizing performance of electronic and mechanical systems, our products have been keeping the power flowing for more than 70 years.

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Food and Beverage

Reliable leak prevention and contamination prevention for food and beverage processing and dispensing equipment.

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The most challenging and punishing environments are our proving grounds. Peak performance demands the best.

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We have been lighting the way in sealing solutions for more than 70 years. Protect delicate sensors and lighting controllers from damaging elements.

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Floating atop the water or submerged below it, our products will safeguard vulnerable electronics and maximize your measurement, exploration, and navigation performance.

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Fragile and high cost medical and pharmaceutical equipment requires the most reliable protection. Our FDA approved O-rings are the perfect solution for medical applications.

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Protecting mission critical systems in the most hostile environments on earth and beyond. Now offering NASM Specified pressure testing on Seelskrews®.

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