The maximum torque values listed below are for clean, dry parts free of lubricants and thread lockers. All washers were tested using a standard pan head screw or hex bolt through a Stainless Steel plate with #4 brushed finish with maximum hole size as listed.

APM Hexseal

Part Number

Thread SizeWasher O.D.Maximum

Hole Size



75601#61/2″ (.550″)0.250″5 lb-in
75801#81/2″ (.550″)0.250″12 lb-in
75101#101/2″ (.550″)0.250″20 lb-in
75101HD#101/2″ (.550″)0.250″45 lb-in
75031M314mm6.35mm56.5 N-cm (5.0 lb-in)
75041M414mm6.35mm136 N-cm (12.0 lb-in)
75051M514mm6.35mm226 N-cm (20.0 lb-in)
75602#61″0.375″3 lb-in
75602HD#61″0.375″6 lb-in
75802#81″0.375″4 lb-in
75102#101″0.375″5 lb-in
75102HD#101″0.375″16 lb-in
750821/4″1″0.375”9 lb-in
75082HD1/4″1″0.375”20 lb-in
751075/16″1″0.500″15 lb-in
751223/8″1″0.625″20 lb-in
75122HD3/8″1″0.625″30 lb-in
751427/16″1″0.625″43 lb-in
751621/2″1″0.625″57 lb-in
75032M325.4mm9.5mm34 N-cm (3.0 lb-in)
75042M425.4mm9.5mm45 N-cm (4.0 lb-in)
75052M525.4mm9.5mm56 N-cm (4.9 lb-in)
75062M625.4mm12.7mm102 N-cm (9.0 lb-in)
75312M825.4mm12.7mm169 N-cm (14.9 lb-in)
75392M1025.4mm16mm226 N-cm (20.0 lb-in)
75472M1225.4mm16mm361 N-cm (32.0 lb-in)
75603#61 1/2″0.625″2 lb-in
75103#101 1/2″0.625″5 lb-in
750831/4″1 1/2″0.625″7 lb-in
751085/16″1 1/2″0.625″10 lb-in
751233/8″1 1/2″0.750″15 lb-in
751437/16″1 1/2″0.750″17 lb-in
751631/5″1 1/2″0.750″35 lb-in

APM HEXSEAL Corp. (“APM HEXSEAL”) is a manufacturer of environmental sealing solutions. APM HEXSEAL performs testing to verify fit and function of products produced. Nothing in the published ratings or test reports provide any representation or warranty, including, but not limited to, the test Results and Conclusion. The customer bears sole responsibility for making its own determination as to the suitability of APM HEXSEAL products for the customer’s own particular purpose. It is the customer’s responsibility to perform tests and analyses sufficient to assure it that its finished product will be safe and suitable for use under end-use conditions.

By way of further explanation, and not limitation: 1) APM HEXSEAL does not make any representations or warranties regarding the compatibility or suitability of the tested product, and shall not be liable in any respect should incompatibility or unsuitability occur; 2) the testing and published ratings do not provide information, representations, or warranties relating to the design of the customer’s end product, the manufacturing process for the end product, including variability in that process, variability in the performance of and/or misuse of the APM Hexseal product by the customer or the end user, or future changes to the product or the manufacturing process; and 3) APM HEXSEAL will not be liable in any way for the results of testing APM HEXSEAL performs relating to field failure analysis.

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