Heavy equipment and vehicles have plenty of moving parts and electrical configurations, all of which are at risk from exposure to the elements, chemical contaminants, and debris. Dirt, dust, and water can work their way into control panels, engine assemblies, and air systems, where they cause corrosion, buildup, and unexpected downtime or extra maintenance requirements. However, these industries need their machinery to work reliably.

At APM Hexseal, we design and manufacture easy-to-use, high-quality sealing solutions for a variety of applications. Learn more about our sealing boots, bushings, and other hardware built to handle the toughest conditions in the heavy machinery and vehicle industries.

APM Hexseal’s Sealing Solutions

When heavy equipment and vehicles are out in the field in rugged conditions, they need protection from the elements. Sealing solutions from APM Hexseal can create a solid watertight or airtight shield from factors like:

  • Weather hazards, including UV radiation, extreme temperature fluctuations, high winds, rain, sleet, and snow
  • Environmental hazards such as mold, mildew, and particulates like dirt, dust, or sand
  • Chemical contaminants, such as grime or grease from mechanical operations

APM Hexseal sealing solutions physically prevent these contaminants from penetrating the machinery through the crevices in frames, around switches, or other vulnerable points of the assemblies. Some of the most common applications for these sealing solutions include:

  • Batteries
  • Hydraulic systems and fuel pumps
  • Vibration-resistant mounts for electronics
  • Motors, engines, and mechanical assemblies
  • Controllers in ruggedized vehicles like snow plow trucks, bulldozers, excavators, cranes, loaders, drilling machines, trenchers, dump trucks, and more
  • Seals around hatches, windows, and doors

Sealing Boots & Bushings

Sealing products for heavy vehicles and equipment need to create a watertight or airtight seal that withstands harsh temperatures, high winds and pressures, and long periods of wear. At APM Hexseal, our engineering team has developed a large product catalog of standard and customizable sealing components for vehicle frames, engine assemblies, and more. 

Our sealing boots and bushings include:

  • Boots for switches: Our rubber boots completely cover switches and the crevices between them and adjacent surfaces so dust, water, and other contaminants can’t penetrate the interior. Our boots for switches include push-button, rotary, and toggle boots. We also offer lever-actuated boots that protect rocker switches and circuit breakers.
  • Bushings for switch panels: Offering the same sealing protection as boots, these bushings are placed on the mounting hole rather than the switch itself. These bushings fit tightly against the switch panel hole to keep out contaminants. 

Sealing Hardware

Choose from our wide range of hardware options for a fast and convenient seal.

Seelbolts® and Seelskrews®

These patented fasteners are weatherproof seals that are reliable and reusable, without the need for additional sealing compounds or adhesives.


When you need a long-lasting seal in high temperatures, our Seelnut® products are the answer. They can withstand temperatures ranging from 103 °F to 400 °F and are compatible with most standard fasteners used throughout the industry.


Our jumbo Nutzilla products come in sizes up to M90. Each nut is a single component with a rubber-to-metal bonded construction and is easy to install.

Seeloc® Washers

Add our Seeloc® sealing washers to your existing hardware for a reliable seal. The washers have a ridged silicone edge that, when compressed between a fastener and a mating surface, creates a watertight, airtight seal even in high-pressure conditions.

Benefits of APM Hexseal Products

APM Hexseal components are built to provide a hardworking seal, even in the most adverse environmental conditions. They offer excellent pressure and vibration resistance, making them more durable in the field and during frequent use. They also require a smaller investment than other sealing solutions, as they can be installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled easily.

Custom Solutions and Expertise

Reliable sealing products are integral to the longevity and performance of your equipment. APM Hexseal provides standard and custom sealing solutions based on the unique requirements of our customers in the heavy equipment and vehicle industries. Contact us today to discuss whether standard or custom products are best for your project, or request a quote to start your order.