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COVID-19: APM Hexseal’s Sealing Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in many industries have pressed on to fulfill critical needs throughout our society. As an essential business, APM Hexseal has proudly continued to manufacture mission-critical components for a variety of medical, military, and industrial applications. During this trying time, we’ve supplied thousands of the fasteners and sealing boots used to build ventilators, hospital beds, and COVID-19 test units while taking measures in our facility to ensure the safety of our team and our customers.

COVID-19 Response Equipment & Challenges

Medical equipment is right in the middle of a storm of germs: it’s exposed to numerous patients and handled by multiple medical professionals who carry bacteria on their gloved hands. Those bacteria can also hitch a ride from room to room on equipment as it travels throughout a hospital or medical center.

Because of this, even without the threat of COVID-19, medical equipment is subject to constant cleaning; the sanitization schedule is even more intense as hospitals and emergency rooms battle this especially contagious virus. Chemicals and high pressure make the wash-downs effective, but they also put the equipment at risk of damage from water and sanitizing chemicals. It’s essential to protect electronics and vulnerable components to keep them functioning reliably, otherwise a single cleaning could ruin an expensive and life saving tool or machine.

APM Hexseal’s sealing boots and hardware are made for this purpose. Because our products are resistant to many sanitizing chemicals, they can safely be used for a wide range of equipment—even those items that must be sanitized multiple times a day.

APM Hexseal Sealing Solutions Can Meet These Demands

Medical equipment is often delicate, but health care professionals rely on it to work flawlessly when they need it most. Many of the tools and machines are expensive, and they have to last through repeated use and cleaning. Our products are corrosion-resistant, and they protect against chemicals, water,  extreme weather  and pressure, sealing out the hazards while extending the life of a multitude of electronic components.

Since 1947, our sealing solutions have been proudly Made in the USA at our facility in Englewood, NJ. In that time, we’ve accumulated more than 100 patents and served more than 200,000 customers. No matter the application, we can help you find a sealing solution.

Our Products

Our sealing boots, bushings, and hardware are especially in demand among medical manufacturers, but we serve a variety of other industries.

Sealing Boots and Bushings

  • Toggle Boots: These protect switches that work in a back-and-forth motion.
  • Pushbutton Boots: These are designed to protect buttons that are pushed or pressed.
  • Rotary Boots: For rotary switches, these boots can withstand the friction without getting in the way of rotational movement.
  • Circuit Breaker Boots: These are ideal for mitigating fire hazards and preventing short-circuits by protecting breaker switches.
  • Rocker Boots: Designed to be installed on the switch before the switch itself is installed, rocker boots allow for unique actuating movements.
  • Bushing Seals: To complement sealing boots, bushing seals protect the mounting holes.

Sealing Hardware

  • Seelskrews®and Seelbolts®: Reusable and resistant to vibration, these self-sealing bolts and screws can block or contain liquids, gases, dust, and air to prevent contamination.
  • Seelnuts®: When you use Seelnuts, there’s no need for gaskets, sealing compounds, or any other extra preparation. This single-piece design can be used with conventional screws, bolts, and studs without interfering with the nut’s thread count. Seelnuts are made of rubber and molded into a special cavity.
  • Seeloc® Washers: Made of molded silicone rubber and stainless steel discs, our Seeloc washers can be used (and reused) with ordinary bolts and screws. They can manage pressures up to 100 psi.

Even during this challenging time, APM Hexseal is here for you. Although it is business as UN-usual, we’re honored to be able to do what we do best and send our products where they’re needed most, and we understand the responsibility we have in ensuring that other essential businesses can do their part. We’re committed to keeping our employees safe while delivering high-quality products with friendly, knowledgeable customer service. If you’d like to discuss your project, ask the experts at APM Hexseal.

Ever better.