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Unsealed components like switches and mounting holes in electrical devices are vulnerable to damage. These openings, and the device as a whole, can be affected by environmental factors such as:

  • External weather conditions. Rain and snow can damage outdoor equipment and indoor equipment with external openings. Even less severe weather conditions, such as winds and sunlight, can cause wear.
  • Pressure changes. Mobile electronic devices are subjected to altitude changes that can affect electrical components. Submersible devices, even if they’re protected from liquid, can experience internal pressure changes, as well.
  • Contamination. Uncovered openings on both indoor and outdoor electronic devices allow moisture, salt, dirt, grease and oils, and other airborne contaminants to collect inside the device.
  • Exposure to other liquids. Electronic devices that people can reach are subject to accidental damage. Spilled beverages, food, and other incidental hazards can impair the devices.

APM Hexseal created the first sealing boot, which was designed to seal electronic components from exposure to hazardous environmental contaminants. This first sealing boot and developments since then have set the standard for high-quality sealing boots and bushings. These boots seal switch configurations with an elastomer-based cover, and bushings block contaminants from entering devices through mounting holes. Today, APM Hexseal provides a safe and reliable seal that protects electronic devices’ internal and external components.

Designed for 360° Protection

One of the best ways to extend the life-span of electronic devices is by protecting the internal workings from damage and contamination. Sealing boots and bushings do that by completely covering the openings, so that contaminants are prevented from damaging the devices. The benefits of using sealing boots and bushings include:

  • Versatility. These protective components can be used in both wet and dry environments. They can be customized to fit unique devices in challenging environments. Not only can you change the color, shape, and size to fit your application needs, but you can also alter the design to include different elastomers and materials for increased sealing power.
  • Ease of use. Every bushing and sealing boot consists of a single component. This makes installation, removal, and replacement simple. They are also reusable, making them a smart economic choice for applications where frequent access or maintenance is required.
  • Effectiveness. Sealing boots and bushings don’t just provide a single layer of protection. They can include secondary seals that protect devices even if the upper chamber gets torn or damaged. All sealing boots and bushings minimize device deterioration and stop corrosion. These effects also reduce maintenance and replacement demands.

Sealing boots and bushings protect indoor and outdoor devices. They can also be used on equipment across every industry. They are constructed with durable elastomers and other durable materials that make them long-lasting even in extreme environments.

Sealing boots and bushings are commonly used in the following applications:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Automotive equipment and automotive diagnostic tools
  • Circuit breakers that need environmental protection
  • Construction equipment
  • Emergency power equipment
  • Drilling, Down hole, pump and HVAC Systems
  • Lighting control centers and equipment
  • Industrial equipment systems
  • Marine instrument panels
  • Medical equipment
  • Military equipment and vehicles

Providing Reliable Sealing Solutions Since 1947

APM Hexseal created their first sealing boot over 70 years ago. Since then, APM Hexseal has specialized in developing and producing sealing solutions. Our sealing boots and bushings are Restriction of Hazardous Substances, or RoHS, compliant and ISO certified. Because we’re committed to keeping your electronic devices safe, we work hard to provide products and services that meet and exceed both industry standards and our clients’ expectations.

APM Hexseal designs and produces a wide variety of sealing boots and bushings. These range from simple components to complex designs that bond to metal components and have geometric configurations. Our sealing boots also come in several different styles to best protect standard electro-mechanical switches, devices, and mounting holes. These styles include:

  • Bushing seals: These protect the front or back of a mounting hole from contamination rather than the switch itself.
  • Circuit breaker boots: These switch seals are made from RUBRGLAS®, our transparent silicone. They allow for lever actuation, and the material withstands chemical contamination, environmental conditions, and even yellowing from UV radiation.
  • Pushbutton boots: APM Hexseal’s silicone rubber push-button boots entirely cover buttons that are pushed or pressed to actuate. These boots were originally designed for military applications.
  • Rocker boots: These RUBRGLAS® seals fit onto switches before installation for a strong seal without a threaded mounting nut.
  • Rotary boots: These specially designed seals leave the switch’s shaft free to rotate while still sealing gaps between the shaft and mounting panel.
  • Toggle boots: These silicone pieces include a threaded nut to fully cover toggle switches without impeding the up-down actuation.

Learn More From Our Team of Sealing Specialists

Protecting both indoor and outdoor electronic devices from environmental conditions and chemical contamination extends the devices’ life span and improves its performance. That’s why using the right seal is absolutely essential.

APM Hexseal’s design team will help your company develop sealing solutions from preliminary designs or from the start of the design process. To learn more about our sealing capabilities, ask the experts today, or request a quote for reliable and cost-effective sealing boots and bushings.

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