Circuit Breaker Boots

Circuit breakers perform a very valuable role in all sorts of different control systems, protecting equipment from short circuits and electrical overloads. APM Hexseal’s lever-actuated circuit breaker boots are designed to protect these critical devices, extending breaker life-spans and in turn helping to ensure long-term security of the system as a whole. Created from APM Hexseal’s transparent silicone RUBRGLAS®, which is specially formulated to maintain clarity and prevent yellowing over time, these boots allow for easy device operation and status recognition while maintaining APM Hexseal’s exceptional environmental protection from weather exposure, wash downs, salt water, lubricants, solvents, dust, dirt, grease and any number of other environmental elements that could potentially threaten electrical components. Our two distinct boot styles are Back-of-Panel, secured behind the breaker mounting panel, and Front-of-Panel, mounted to the outside of a panel using a sturdy metal frame. All designs feature a continuous sealing rib around the underside of the flange to ensure a consistent, reliable seal.

For APM Hexseal® Standard Lever-Actuated Circuit Breaker Boots

Elastomer: APM HEXSEAL RUBRGLAS (transparent Silicone) conforms to A-A-59588, Class 3A, GR50
Frame (Front-Panel Mounted Only): Low Carbon Steel , Zinc-Chromate Finish
Temperature Range: -103° F to +400° F ( -75° C to +204° C)
Resistant to: Splash, salt spray, sunlight, ozone, weather, fungus, dust, and most acids and lubricating oils.
Shelf Life: Excess of 25 years.

† Durometer options available. Please contact APM Hexseal® for details.
‡ Stainless Steel frames available for extremely aggressive environments.
◆ Contact us for details on our standard 3-step frame finish.

Lever-Actuated Circuit Breaker Boots, Front-of-Panel MountingFig.1

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Lever-Actuated Circuit Breaker Boots, Back-of-Panel MountingFig.2

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