At APM Hexseal, we are a premier designer and manufacturer of high-performance sealing solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Unlike some manufacturers who have moved production operations to overseas countries, we’ve milled, mixed, and molded our products on-site in our New Jersey facility for over 70 years. This Manufactured in America approach allows us to carefully control our processes from start to finish, so we deliver quality product solutions and customer service. 

Our innovative sealing products offer excellent performance in some of the most hostile environments. They are highly effective at protecting sensitive internal and external elements to ensure the functionality, reliability, and safety of various electrical and electronic devices and systems. 

Sealing Products From APM Hexseal

Sealing Boots & Bushings

In harsh operating and environmental conditions, any unsealed switches or components on electrical and electronic equipment are at risk of experiencing damage or degradation that may negatively impact their ability to perform and put the entire system at risk of catastrophic failure. APM Hexseal sealing boots and bushings protect against these threats. They are available in several styles and suit most of the electromechanical switches and devices available in the market today. If one of our standard products does not fit your switch, our custom molding capabilities can solve our problem.

Toggle Boots

Toggle switches are used for a variety of applications and installation environments. Toggle boots are engineered to protect them against various conditions and compounds, such as wind, water, and salt, by providing an impermeable outer seal that covers the length of the toggle switch, while still allowing the switch to actuate freely. Our toggle boot products are available in a range of designs to suit different requirements and restrictions, including: 

  • Full toggle boots with consistent inner diameters
  • Full toggle boots with secondary inner seals
  • Half & open toggle boots with exposed actuators

These products find use in many demanding industrial and commercial applications, where they protect switch assemblies from harmful elements and extreme conditions. Typical industries that utilize them include mil-aero, industrial, marine, and medical. 

Pushbutton Boots

In the military industry, pushbutton switches are regularly exposed to harsh environments that can lead to reliability issues and failure. We developed our pushbutton boots to respond to the military industry’s need for pushbutton switch protection. These sealing products comply with MIL-DTL-5423. They are available in the following designs: 

  • Pushbutton boots with hex-shaped inserts
  • Pushbutton boots with round inserts

While pushbutton boots are widely used in the military and defense sectors, they also find application in many other industrial and commercial markets. Typical uses for them include communication switches, consumer electronics, control panels in aircraft and spacecraft, heavy machinery control panels, and telecommunications network systems.

Rotary Boots

Rotary switches have a twisting actuation method, which makes them difficult to seal, especially in heavy-duty or high-impact applications. Our rotary boots are engineered to create a reliable and durable seal around rotary switches without affecting the movement of the central rotary shaft. They feature a unique open boot design consisting of molded silicone on a threaded mounting nut. It provides a complete seal around the rotating shaft and mounting panel. 

Our rotary boots are ideal for a range of applications that need high-performance sealing solutions. Typical industry uses include energy production, heavy industrial, marine, medical, military, and transportation. 

Circuit Breaker Boots

Circuit breakers play a vital role in many electrical and electronic systems by protecting against overloading and short circuiting. Our lever-actuated circuit breaker boots protect these critical elements, extending their service lives and ensuring long-term security for the system as a whole. They are made from our transparent silicone RUBRGLAS®, which is specially formulated to maintain clarity and resist yellowing over time. The types available include: 

  • Lever-actuated circuit breaker boots, front-of-panel mounting
  • Lever-actuated circuit breaker boots, back-of-panel mounting

Rocker Boots

Rocker switches do not utilize a round threaded mounting bushing, which is why rocker boots do not have a threaded mounting nut. Most of our rocker boots do not have an insert or frame at all. They are designed to install on the switch before it is installed. Their molded transparent silicone construction allows for easy viewing of the switch position. 


Our “Illuma-boots” are the newest additions to our switch boot offerings. They charge with exposure to normal light sources and glow when the lights are turned off, making them ideal for any applications where the quick location of the switch is critical when the power or lights fail. 

Bushing Seals

Bushing seals are used to seal around the mounting hole rather than the entire switch. They are installed against the front or back of the mounting panel before the switch locking nut is installed. They are suitable for use with toggle, pushbutton, and rotary switches. 

Sealing Hardware

Sealing hardware serves two purposes: fastening components together and preventing unwanted ingress/egress. Our sealing hardware products offer excellent sealing power to help electronic and mechanical equipment maintain material integrity and performance. Many of our self-sealing fasteners are UL listed and reusable – making them a smart economic choice for NEMA rated enclosures, or systems that require frequent access or maintenance. 

Seelskrews® and Seelbolts®

Our self-sealing screws and bolts are reliabl sealing solutions. They are used to prevent or contain contamination caused by air, dust, lubricants, water, and other fluid substances in some of the harshest environments. 

Typical industries that use Seelskrews and Seelbolts include: 

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Off-road construction
  • Robotics


Our self-sealing hexagonal nuts are designed for use with ordinary bolts, screws, and studs. They are made with high-quality rubber molded into the nut cavity. The threads are molded into the rubber to ensure the formation of a positive seal along the threaded section and with the contact surface. 

These products serve as quick and easy sealing solutions for a range of industrial and commercial applications. Typical industrial applications for Seelnuts include: 

  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Drilling and energy generation
  • Food and beverage processing systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Industrial and construction equipment
  • Military and defense equipment


Nutzilla is the newest addition to our Seelnut line. It is the largest of our self-sealing nut offerings. Similar to our other sealing hardware products, it is created using a proprietary metal-to-rubber bonding process, and is available in sizes up to M90 . It has a single-piece design that ensures the formation of a consistent and reliable seal for normal large bolts without the need for separate gaskets or sealing compounds. 

Typical applications for Nutzilla nuts include: 

  • Bridge and tunnel building
  • Excavation equipment
  • Industrial construction
  • Oil and gas production
  • Power generation
  • Subterraneous and subaquatic infrastructure
  • Transportation

Seeloc® Washers

Our self-sealing washers are made by bonding molded silicone rubber to specially formed stainless steel washers. They form soft and durable seals when used with traditional fasteners. Heavy-duty, Imperial, and metric varieties are available. 

Typical applications for Seeloc washers include:

  • HVAC products
  • Hydraulics and braking systems
  • Industrial and construction equipment
  • Marine electronics
  • NEMA rated boxes and electrical enclosures

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