Standard Elastomer Options and Typical Properties for APM Hexseal®Sealing Boots, Bushings, Seelnuts® & Seeloc® Washers

Material NameRelevant SpecificationsService
Temperature in °F
Temperature in °C
Tensile PSIElongation %Abrasion
Compression Set
2701SiliconeA-A-59588, Class 3A,
GR50, Grey †
-103° to +400°-75° to +204°500-1800100-800RecommendedRecommended
2615FluoroSiliconeMIL-DTL-25988 (B),
Type 2, Class 1, GR60
-70° to +392°-57° to +200°600-1400100-700SufficientRecommended
4601Buna N
ASTM D2000
60 Durometer
-22° to +212°-30° to +100°1500-3000400-600RecommendedFair
3601NeopreneASTM D2000
60 Durometer
-40° to +257°-40° to +121°1500-4000100-700FairSufficient
(Ethylene Propylene)
ASTM D2000
70 Durometer
-60° to +300°-51° to +149°1400-1600500-600FairRecommended

† Various durometer and color options available. Please contact us for more information.


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