Sealing Solutions for Agricultural Industry

As agricultural machinery generally faces extreme environments—e.g., water and mud spatter, aggressive fluids, and livestock feed slobber—along with harsh climatic conditions— e.g., UV rays, ozone, and humidity—it must be designed and built for durability and longevity. To achieve and maintain these qualities, manufacturers and end users integrate quality sealing systems to minimize the risk of machine outage or failure and the consequent increase in equipment costs and loss of profits.

At APM Hexseal, we have the knowledge and experience to design, manufacture, and sell high-quality sealing solutions for use in the agricultural industry.

Seals for Increased Efficiency & Production

Sealing fasteners keep environmental contaminants out and essential operating fluids in, making them crucial for use in agricultural equipment. You can find sealing fasteners in the mechanisms and components of a wide range of agricultural equipment including livestock feeding and watering systems, field irrigation apparatus, pump and filtration systems, excavators, tractors, mowers and energy generation equipment.

Some of the common sealing fasteners used in the agricultural sector include:

  • Boots for toggle, pushbutton, and rotary switches. These boots protect agricultural machinery from harsh weather and environmental conditions, like rain, snow, and prolonged sun exposure. They also prevent salt, dust, dirt, grease, and other contaminants from entering the equipment. Examples include toggle boots, circuit breaker boots, push-button boots, rotary boots, and rocker boots.
  • Bushing seals for switch panel cut-outs. Bushing seals are small and inconspicuous fasteners with the sealing power of boots that are intended for use on the mounting hole instead of the switch. A bushing seal snugly fits against the mounting panel to seal the mounting hole from potential intrusions.
  • Boots for circuit breakers and rocker switches. Our lever-actuated boots protect and extend the lifespan of circuit breakers—which perform a critical function in control systems. By ensuring the continued operation of these critical devices, it helps ensure the longevity and security of the entire control system.
  • High-pressure self-sealing fasteners. Our self-sealing screws and bolts serve as both a fastening solution and a sealing solution, as they offer a reusable and reliable seal that prevents contamination from dust, air, water, lubricants, and other liquid or gaseous particles. These vibration resistant bolts are ideal for use in situations that involve day-to-day jarring or repetitive movement.
  • High-pressure self-sealing nuts. Our self-sealing nuts feature a high-quality rubber seal that is molded into the nut itself. These fasteners are reusable and designed for use in applications involving high internal or external pressures.
  • Air-tight sealing washers. These washers contain molded silicone rubber that is bonded to specifically formed stainless steel washers. The washers’ design creates a 360-degree sealing barrier against the periphery of the washer’s face. They are useful as plugs for sealing optional knockout holes.
Sealing Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

In addition to Agriculture, some common applications/industries for our sealing fasteners include:

  • Military and Aerospace
  • Marine and Submersible
  • Medical
  • Energy Generation
  • Construction
  • Automation
  • Drilling, Down-hole and Subterranean Exploration

A Leader in Agricultural Sealing Solutions

APM Hexseal is an industry leader in developing silicone sealing solutions. We designed and patented the first sealing boot in the late 1940s, setting the standard for the developing industry. These self-sealing fasteners later became our trademarked Seelskrews® and Seelbolts®.

Our sealing boots and bushing seals provide strong, reliable protection for a device’s internal and external workings. This quality helps to ensure the continued operation of the individual piece of equipment and the system as a whole. In addition to their durability and reliability, our wide variety of hardware and fastener products are designed for easy installation, removal, and reuse, making them a smart economic choice for applications that need regular access or maintenance.

Let Our Experts Develop Your Custom Sealing Solution

With decades of experience in developing custom sealing solutions, we can develop and deliver a durable and reliable custom sealing solution suitable for use in any agricultural application. Regardless of the environmental or operating conditions, you can rely on us to provide you with the ideal seals and fasteners to protect your agricultural equipment.

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