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How to Select the Right Elastomer for Your Sealing Boots and Fasteners

Elastomers are the key to providing effective sealing solutions for applications in outdoor, marine, medical and any environment where sealing stuff in or sealing stuff out is imperative. Elastomers are versatile materials typically composed of polymers, and manufacturers prize them for their ability to bend and stretch in a variety of ways before returning to their original shape. However, not all elastomers are the same. Elastomers can incorporate a wide range of designs and materials depending on the needs of...

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In celebration of International Women’s Day: What Does It Mean to Be an Icon?

Such an interesting term, used to describe many people and many things but what does it truly signify? In layman’s terms, icon means idol, standout, pinnacle – the essence of greatness in a category. Icons can come from anywhere or from any walk of life.  It is their unparalleled success or excellence that awards them the status of icon. What is usually fascinating about icons is their journey, their history, their “how I got here” story. There is always a...

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Happy Thanksgiving from APM Hexseal

Happy Thanksgiving From APM Hexseal

APM Hexseal has a lot to be thankful for, this holiday season.  Although the year has indeed been a very challenging one, APM Hexseal has survived and thrived.  Throughout the pandemic, we have remained fully operational. We made numerous adjustments to our staff schedule and plant operations, to create a safe and functional operational atmosphere for all our employees. Safety was our top priority and we worked very hard to ensure that we could continue to produce our products, while...

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Sneak Preview: Econo-Nuts

Sneak preview – coming soon: We are going nuts at APM Hexseal! We heard you! You asked and we answered. You have repeatedly asked us for a more economical alternative to our ever-popular Seelnuts - a sealing solution that provides the highest degree of quality, reusability and sealing life on the market today. Not every application requires the extensive reusability of our premier line of Seelnuts – so you requested another option. We are proud to introduce our new line...

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NJ Essentail Manufacturer

COVID-19 Impact and APM Hexseal Precautions

It’s business as UN-usual at APM Hexseal! COVID-19 has affected all of us and APM Hexseal is no exception. First and foremost, we are mindful of our partners, friends and neighbors who have been impacted by this virus. We hope that anyone afflicted recovers quickly and fully. APM Hexseal supplies many, many products for the medical, military, food, beverage and sanitizing industries. We feel it is our duty and responsibility to continue to produce products for these industries who are...

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Ever Better! APM Hexseal Announces Invigorated New Direction

APM Hexseal is undergoing significant internal changes. To reflect our growing business and new leadership, we’re rolling out a sleek new logo and brand identity that represents our place as an innovator in sealing solutions. We’re a 72-year-old family owned and operated company, and we’ve been the Global industry leader in sealing solutions for electronic and electromechanical equipment since our founding in 1947! We’ve been trying new things and innovating in the development of sealing products since our inception, proving...

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Innovation vs. Imitation in Sealing Solutions

For over 70 years, APM Hexseal Corp. has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of sealing solutions capable of prolonging the service life of critical components—such as circuit breakers and switches—in extreme operational and environmental conditions. With seven decades of experience under our belt, we have unparalleled ability and knowledge in protecting vital components. In the field of sealing solutions, we lead the pack as the innovator, not just another imitator. APM Hexseal’s History as an Innovator...

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Download Our Latest eBook: “Elastomer Shlastomer, Right?”

Different elastomer formulations affect your parts’ physical properties, functions, and service life. Therefore, it’s important to test a few different elastomers, when assembling your product, to determine the best one for your needs. Our eBook, "Elastomer Shlastomer, Right?" explores different types of elastomers that APM Hexseal uses, as well as some of their most common applications. Some of these types include: Silicone FluoroSilicone Neoprene Buna-N (Nitrile) Fill out the form to access your copy of the eBook, "Elastomer Shlastomer, Right?" Download Our...

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How Silicone Sealing Parts Impact Military Operations

At APM Hexseal, we know the importance of producing military-grade parts that work well under extreme conditions. Since World War II, we’ve been providing crucial sealing solutions for use in military applications, protecting sensitive electrical components from water, dust, dirt, inclement weather and a plethora of other environmental hazards. Our sealing solutions are robust, long lasting and are an economically intelligent choice. For these reasons, we have been the established industry leader in providing military-grade sealing boots and fasteners for...

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Drone prepared for flight

Expect the Unexpected: APM Hexseal Is On the Job in Unexpected Places

At APM Hexseal, we work with a wide range of elastomers to deliver precision transfer and compression molding solutions for a variety of applications. Clients working with our dedicated Custom Design Department can expect top-quality consulting on how to develop an optimized sealant tailored to their needs. We work with clients from conceptual stages all the way through production. You can find APM Hexseal products all over the world, playing indispensable roles in the manufacture of products ranging from doughnuts...

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