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Happy Thanksgiving From APM Hexseal

Happy Thanksgiving from APM HexsealAPM Hexseal has a lot to be thankful for, this holiday season.  Although the year has indeed been a very challenging one, APM Hexseal has survived and thrived.  Throughout the pandemic, we have remained fully operational. We made numerous adjustments to our staff schedule and plant operations, to create a safe and functional operational atmosphere for all our employees.

Safety was our top priority and we worked very hard to ensure that we could continue to produce our products, while maintaining a safe working environment for our people.  As an essential business, we supply components that are utilized in ventilators, hospital beds and a plethora of other medical and emergency services equipment.  Shutting down would cause great harm to our customers and the community at large, so we have worked tirelessly to avoid that. Our employees committed themselves to working through some difficult functional situations and rose to every challenge put before them. We are so thankful to them and proud of their extraordinary efforts. We created and tweaked our COVID-19 plan along the way and now feel quite comfortable being able to continue operations during the current resurgence we are seeing.

One of the strategically intelligent things we did, early on, was to apply to the SBA for a PPP loan.  We were approved and we utilized that money to cover our payroll and keep from having to reduce our workforce by even one person.  Applying for this loan was a tedious and detailed process and we were deeply grateful to have received the loan, which allowed us to continue operating.  The funds were used for exactly their intended purpose, our employees are all still here as a result and APM Hexseal remains a strong, solvent, and vibrant entity. In fact, not only will we maintain our staff, but we will be able to add to our headcount in 2021.

We have recently been notified that, after careful scrutiny and evaluation by the SBA, we satisfied all the requirements for utilization of the funds and as a result, the loan has been fully forgiven. We are very grateful to the SBA for their assistance and very proud of this achievement. The hard work that our entire staff has put forth in order to keep our lines running has been acknowledged and recognized by many of our customers.

Our employees have now paid it forward by holding a Thanksgiving food drive for our local food pantry here in Englewood, NJ.  Giving back to our community has always been one of the foundational values of the APM Hexseal family and this year, more than ever, it has become increasingly important to us.  To that end, our employees collected food and monetary donations and the company has provided matching funds.  This year, our local food pantry received the largest amount of much needed food and money that we have ever collected, and we could not be happier to be able to help.

We are all in this together, and together we will survive and become stronger.  APM Hexseal would like to thank all our customers, suppliers, partners and friends for your dedicated support and loyalty. We are mindful that there continue to be struggles but we are hopeful for good things in the future. From our APM Hexseal family, a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving, to all.

Ever Better.