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APM Hexseal Year In Review 2022

What a year!  Looking back, 2022 was a challenging but successful year for APM Hexseal.  We are in the midst of a lot of changes and upgrades and our business is on the march.  The last couple of years have indeed been difficult to navigate. Operating during a worldwide pandemic, then emerging and being faced with major disruptions and price increases in the global supply chain.  In spite of it all, APM Hexseal worked harder, produced more, learned more, changed more and grew more than we have since our founding, 70+ years ago.  Our business is stronger and healthier than it has ever been, and we are so proud of our efforts and successes – all of it focused on delivering better products to our customers. 

The year was spent finding new and better ways to manage our supply chain.  We added a Director of Supply Chain to the team, who immediately began to find alternative sources and better ways to structure our raw material purchases. We have increased our focus on quality in the supply chain and brought onboard new vendors who meet our strict standards.

We are committed to continuous improvement in manufacturing. We have upgraded our processes, our tooling and our machine shop to better serve the needs of our customers and partners. We have changed the layout of our facility to be more efficient and represent a lean, continuous workflow. We restructured our warehouse and made significant changes to how we stock product.  We have added head count in key areas throughout the organization, from the front of the building to the back.  We have increased our capacity on the manufacturing floor and augmented our automated processes to focus on efficiency and quality.

We have raised our internal quality standards and have engaged our entire staff in the pursuit of excellence. We have done several rounds of in-house employee quality training sessions, which will continue.  In addition, we completed, and passed, our full ISO Audit, ISO 9001:2015 – our certificate can be found here.  Everyone in the building is focused on making APM Hexseal’s products the best and most reliable in the world.  Ever Better is our mantra and we live by it, every day.  

We have increased our investment in Engineering and documentation control.  We added personnel, along with upgrading our drafting and document storage capabilities. We have invested in Solidworks, as well as some other software systems that will allow us to more easily research and develop new products. 

Our sales team has continued to expand, both internally and throughout the world. We have a full internal sales staff, along with a global network of best-in-class Sales Representatives who assist and support customers on a daily basis.  In addition, our extensive global distribution network stocks and ships products, all over the world, seamlessly. We have also enhanced our software systems to better serve our customers. Excellence in execution is our top priority. Our goal is to provide outstanding products, at a fair price, when our customers need them, with exemplary service. 

We closed 2022 with strong growth and an ambitious list of goals for the next several years.  Looking ahead to 2023, we plan to continue our aggressive pursuit of growth through excellence.  With an eye toward our future and long-term business objectives, APM Hexseal will embrace a trajectory of ever improving quality, ever improving processes, ever improving service and ever improving execution. Thanks to all of our customers, suppliers, partners and supporters, 2023 and beyond look very bright and we are excited to show you what we can do. We thank you for your support and your business and we wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2023!      Ever Better!