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Founded in 1947, APM Hexseal is a leader in developing and manufacturing environmental sealing solutions for the advanced protection and longevity of circuit breakers and electromechanical switches.

APM Hexseal is a trusted sealing products provider for extreme military, commercial, and industrial applications. With worldwide sales representation, a national and international distribution network, and a growing product line, we are well-equipped to service your sealing needs quickly and effectively. We also offer technical support, an experienced engineering team, and a first-rate machine shop for the development of exceptional customized sealing solutions.

Our eBook “Get Into The Groove” gives an in-depth review of our processes and extensive line of sealing hardware grooves. Here you’ll find an overview of our sealing solutions.

Custom Design in Our Sealing Solutions

The designers, engineers, and manufacturers at APM Hexseal work together to develop durable products that withstand extreme operating environments. Our bolts, screws, and other fasteners have custom built-in grooves to ensure the sealing elements fit precisely under the fastener head.

To ensure a long-lasting seal, our Seelnuts® have a unique groove that lets us mold the elastomer right into the threads. This product design creates a tight, leak-proof seal while preventing external debris or contaminants from entering operations.

Our Custom Design Sealing Offerings

With more than 70 years of industry experience, APM Hexseal has the knowledge and skills to deliver high-performance sealing solutions that meet the demands of even the most volatile environments. Our innovative sealing technology offers easy installation and effective sealing performance.

Our sealing products are available in various locking options and multiple finishes:

  • Seelskrews® and Seelbolts®: The self-sealing fasteners provide a reusable and reliable seal that prevents contaminants from entering and fluids from escaping. They are effective in a broad range of applications, such as high-pressure and high-impact settings.
  • Seelnuts®: One of our earliest innovations is Seelnuts®, which offers reliable performance in temperatures between 103 °F and 400 °F. The self-sealing hardware products are beneficial in a wide variety of applications, easy to install, and compatible with standard bolts, screws, and studs.
  • Seeloc® Washers: Our Seeloc® washers are compatible with standard bolts, screws, and studs and can accommodate temperatures ranging between 103 °F and 400 °F with external pressures up to 100 psi. Used in a broad range of industries in various sealing applications, the washers consist of molded silicone rubber bonded to stainless steel washers. We also provide a heavy-duty variation that can produce 50% more torque handling capability.

Uncompromised Fastener Integrity

To achieve reliable fastening and sealing from the hardware, it is imperative that the fastener’s integrity remains completely intact during fabrication. When a groove gets cut into a screw, bolt, or nut after manufacturing, it could damage the structural integrity of the hardware, potentially leading to breakage and other issues. APM Hexseal maintains the integrity of our hardware by incorporating the groove into the manufacturing process with cold-forming techniques.

Wide Range of Applications

Choosing the proper fastener with the appropriate groove geometry is important to provide proper sealing. The screw size, panel cut-out, and other factors will determine the exact parameters of the intended groove for a fastener.

Our experienced team can make individualized recommendations to ensure our hardware provides the best seal possible. We consider the clearance holes, panel characteristics, and other variables related to the application.

APM Hexseal can customize nearly any aspect of a self-sealing fastener, such as:

  • Fastener material: While we typically use stainless steel for our standard fasteners, we can utilize many other metals to meet specific application needs.
  • Sealing ring material: We use a wide variety of elastomers to mold our sealing rings. Customers can choose from an array of materials based on the exact conditions the fastener will encounter in the specific application. We can also customize the elastomer color.
  • Value-added design features and finishes. Our fasteners can include locking features such as self-locking strips, patches, and pallets. We offer a broad range of finish and paint options to enhance the final product’s aesthetic appeal and overall functionality.

Get Into the Groove With APM Hexseal

Download our eBook “Get Into the Groove” to learn more about our sealing hardware product line. Regardless of your industry application, we can provide an appropriate sealing solution to meet your specific requirements.