Green Manufacturing

Green Manufacturing With APM Hexseal’s Products

Manufacturing is one of the most critical sectors in the United States’ economy. It touches almost every facet of the business sector, from retail to transportation to construction. Although this field is crucial to the United States, historically, manufacturing has negatively impacted the environment due to the toxic gasses and chemicals released into the air. Green manufacturing can lessen the environmental impact of manufacturing and APM Hexseal’s products provide many benefits for eco-conscious companies.

Benefits of Using APM Hexseal Products For Green Manufacturing

APM Hexseal products are perfect for green energy solutions (solar, wind, hydropower, etc.) because we design every part to protect sensitive electronics from the elements, meaning they are more durable and don’t need to be replaced as often. They are also ideal for use in the renewable energy sector due to their resilience in harsh weather conditions. Our parts are easy to recycle and reuse, so not only are they cost-efficient, they produce far less waste.

They protect the environment from hazardous materials due to their ability to prevent substances from leaking out of devices or containers. This ensures that toxic materials are stored in their intended locations and effectively sealed inside. APM Hexseal products are an efficient means of progress for companies looking to improve their sustainability and move towards green manufacturing practices. Some of the industries that can benefit from our eco-conscious products include:

  • Marine Industry: In the marine industry, mission-critical equipment is continuously submerged in highly salinated water. Our seals not only protect vital equipment and technologies from corrosion and damage but also create an airtight seal to protect vulnerable marine environments from contamination by preventing fluid and gas leakages.
  • Agriculture Industry: Agricultural machinery must withstand harsh operating environments that include exposure to UV rays, corrosive materials, and extreme temperatures while simultaneously protecting crops from contamination. Our sealing systems effectively protect equipment by preventing the infiltration of environmental hazards and keeping necessary operational fluids safely contained.
  • Food & Beverage Industry: From dispensing and processing equipment to individual food and beverage containers, seals are essential to prevent product contamination. Standard manufacturing processes in the food and beverage industry produce significant amounts of environmental waste. Implementing APM’s reusable, recyclable seals can drastically reduce the amount of manufacturing waste produced in the food and beverage industry.
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries: Lifesaving devices in the medical and pharmaceutical industries require extra levels of protection from environmental hazards to increase service life and comply with FDA regulations. Durable sealing solutions from APM Hexseal extend the working life of these critical devices, decreasing manufacturing costs and promoting sustainability.
  • Lighting Industry: Our seals protect fragile lighting equipment from general contamination, weather, exposure to liquids, and pressure changes, thereby extending the equipment’s life and increasing its energy efficiency.
  • Energy Industry: Rubber seals, o-rings, and gaskets are essential components in the energy sector, finding applications in solar, hydro, wind, nuclear, and coal energy productions. Our seals optimize the flow of electricity through these systems to provide clean energy worldwide.

Get Started with Green Manufacturing at APM Hexseal

Green manufacturing has all but secured its place as the future of manufacturing and for good reason. Going green provides numerous benefits to manufacturers from cost savings and reduced environmental impact to boosted reputation and employee morale. Ensuring that hazardous materials don’t leak into the environment and that facilities don’t waste energy reduces the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. 

Since 1947, APM Hexseal has put environmental sustainability at the forefront with efforts to develop sealing solutions that extend the life of electronics in wide-ranging industries. With a full line of reusable, self-sealing washers and fasteners, we have a sealing solution ideal for any application. To learn more about APM Hexseal’s products, ask the experts. Ever better!