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Common Causes of Metal Roof Leaks

Metal roof leaks are not unusual, but they can be extremely costly. Undetected and unchecked, a leak can allow moisture to collect on roof supports, interior walls and ceilings, and even structural supports that keep the building standing. Over time, moisture can cause these building components to rust or rot. Standing water in the building interior can also promote microbial growth, which can cause severe air quality issues and health problems. 

Metal Roof LeakAt APM Hexseal, we understand that an impenetrable metal roof is critical for keeping your building protected from moisture. Our sealing products are specifically designed to withstand the extreme conditions and corrosion that are common in outdoor roofing applications. In this article, we discuss common causes of metal roof leaks, how to fix them, and ways to prevent future leaks.

Common Problems of Metal Roof Leaks

The most common cause of metal roof leaks is the roofing screws used to attach the panels to the frame of the building. The screw design, installation method, and angle can all affect the way that the roof performs over time. Metal roofing screws create a hole in the roof, but generally do not seal the opening. Even when a sealant is used, screws that are under-driven, over-driven, or installed at the wrong angle all present opportunities for moisture to leak under the metal paneling. 

In addition to poor screw design and installation, other causes of metal roof leaks include: 

  • Faulty Screws: Poorly performing screws with misaligned threads or breakage can create an opening in metal roofing. Over time, rubber washers degrade and lose their sealing properties.
  • Missing Sealants: Quality metal roofing installations include sealing hardware or liquid sealants that prevent leakage from screw holes, panel seams, and other vulnerable points. These sealants must be replaced over time due to environmental wear.
  • Overlapping Seams: If your metal roofing is not installed flush, the overlapping seams can create a space for liquid to pool and leak into the interior of the building.
  • Stack and Curb Flashings: Flashings are plastic sheets just under the exterior roof and walls of a building or the rubber boots that surround extruding pipes. They are used to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the building. Poorly installed or missing flashing can result in damaging moisture leaks if the exterior is not sufficiently sealed.
  • Misplaced Screws: In some cases, stray screws used for wood framing or struts may miss the mark and pierce the roof, creating an unexpected hole that can easily be overlooked. 

How to Fix the Leak in Your Metal Roof

After installing a metal roof, it is critical to double-check your work to ensure all screws are properly installed. If your metal roof screws are leaking, it is important to take care of the issue as quickly as possible. Sealing metal roof leaks around screws with an external sealant may temporarily fix the issue, but surface sealant wears off over time. Instead, opt for sealing hardware such as APM Hexseal’s Seelskrews, Seelbolts, Seelnuts, and Seeloc Washers. Our stainless steel hardware features rubber-bonded threads and surfaces to serve the dual purpose of fastening and sealing. They will automatically seal metal roof leaks around screws without the need for additional sealing hardware or messy liquid sealants. For your installation and construction equipment, we also provide metal-to-rubber bonded washers, sealing boots, and bushing seals to protect your equipment controls. 

Sealing Products From APM Hexseal

APM Hexseal Seelskrews & SeelboltsWhen your metal roof is leaking around the screws, APM Hexseal provides a variety of durable, corrosion-resistant sealing solutions. Our sealing hardware, boots, and bushing seals are specifically engineered for heavy-duty use in extreme conditions. Not only do our sealing fasteners help to eliminate existing roof leaks, but they also prevent future roof leaks.

Sealing Hardware

APM Hexseal’s sealing hardware acts as both a fastener and a seal, so you can ensure the integrity of your metal roofing without the risk of leaks around the screws. Our selection of proprietary sealing hardware includes: 

  • Seelskrews® & Seelbolts®
  • Seelnuts®
  • Seeloc Washers®

Sealing Boots & Bushing Seals

In addition to our sealing fasteners, we offer a selection of molded sealing boots to protect electrical components, as well as quality bushing seals for switches and push-buttons.

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