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  1. Anatomy of an O-Ring Screw

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    At APM Hexseal, we specialize in creating uniquely powerful fasteners for multiple applications. Our Seelskrew® product is the original self-sealing O-ring screw designed to create an impenetrable seal that blocks water, lubricants, gases, air, and other fluids. We provide this specialty seal screw in a variety of thread sizes and sealing materials. The Seelskrew® can also be supplied with self-locking patches, pellets, and strips to reduce the risk of vibration breaking the seal.

    Advantages of APM Hexseal’s O-Ring Screws

    Our O-ring screws bring an extensive list of advantages, including:

    • Sealing Power. The Seelskrew® has a pressure-sealing rating of up to 20,000 psi to keep out fluids.
    • Protection Against Degradation and Wear. We can provide anti-vibration and anti-movement features to lock the screws in place, even on machinery that generates a lot of noise and vibration. This protects the O-ring against wear and tear.
    • Expert Construction. We build our Seelskrew® with silicone rubber O-rings that fit into a custom-engineered groove on the screw. Clients can also choose from a range of O-ring materials.
    • Compressibility. The Seelskrew® requires a total compression of less than 20% of its original size when torqued.
    • Easy Installation. Each Seelskrew® is pre-assembled before delivery for fast, easy installation.

    O-Ring Screws Features and Benefits

    O-ring screws are valuable tools that offer many features and benefits. They are just as easy to install as conventional fasteners, offer metal-to-metal contact for a durable connection, and can work with a wide variety of surface finishes. Some other key benefits of choosing the Seelskrew® from APM Hexseal include:

    • A wide range of application-specific options during manufacturing, including a wide range of O-ring materials such as BUNA-N, Viton®, silicone rubber, and more; thread-locking add-ons for vibration resistance; and tamper-resistant heads
    • Versatility in environments with temperatures of up to +500°F
    • Ability to be reinstalled without degradation of the silicone O-ring
    • Safe installation and uninstallation without the use of dangerous chemicals or difficult disposal requirements
    • UL recognized and provide positive sealing, even in environments under pressure or vacuum

  2. Sneak Preview: Econo-Nuts

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    Sneak preview – coming soon:

    We are going nuts at APM Hexseal!

    We heard you! You asked and we answered.

    You have repeatedly asked us for a more economical alternative to our ever-popular Seelnuts – a sealing solution that provides the highest degree of quality, reusability and sealing life on the market today. Not every application requires the extensive reusability of our premier line of Seelnuts – so you requested another option.

    We are proud to introduce our new line of Econo-nuts.

    We have developed a new design and manufacturing process geared toward applications where the molded component is not a requirement. You will still get the impenetrable sealing capability, for a reduced cost. Contact us for size and elastomer options.


    More on the way…

    We are also proud to introduce the Gigantor of Seelnuts!

    This bad boy is designed for use in large-scale construction or industrial projects, such as bridge and tunnel construction, heavy equipment manufacturing, and off-shore operations. At sizes of M80 and M90, Nutzilla will give you the superior sealing and heavy-duty protection your project needs.

  3. APM Hexseal’s Updated Operations During the Pandemic

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    APM Hexseal is an essential supplier of components used in the manufacture of a wide variety of medical equipment, including ventilators, hospital beds, and medical instrumentation. As such, we had to formulate a plan to keep our plant open and our lines running to insure that the supply chain for critical medical equipment was not disrupted. To achieve this, we established a number of safety protocols and procedures that allowed us to maintain the high level of service our customers expect, while ensuring the safety of our valuable employees and customers.

    How We Worked Through

    At APM Hexseal, we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to a variety of challenges, including the ones that arose at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. To accommodate social distancing and sanitation protocols recommended by the CDC, we put our creative minds to work to best keep everyone safe and healthy. We created written guidelines and instructions for our employees, in multiple languages, that are displayed throughout the building.

    New Methods of Communication

    APM Hexseal established a variety of remote communication methods to ensure our customers continued to receive the highest level of service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the use of video calls, telephone conversations, and other remote support methods, we were able to help customers select and troubleshoot sealing solutions. 

    Additionally, in an effort to reduce interpersonal contact, we also divided the building up by geography, and employees utilized only the entrance, exit, break areas and restroom in their designated section.

    Drop Locations

    To ensure our employees maintained safe social distance, we established drop and transfer locations throughout our manufacturing plant and office. This allowed our staff to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of space between them at all times, while being able to safely hand off files, paperwork, documents, and other materials.

    Fewer Personnel

    At the height of the pandemic’s impact, we divided our entire work- force into teams, and only certain teams were in the building on certain days. We created this schedule to ensure that teams stayed together while preventing cross over. Utilizing this process meant that if one person were to get sick, only that team would be removed—not the entire work- force. This careful management of our on-site staff schedule and rotation of teams was what enabled us to continue manufacturing and delivering orders to our customers during the peak of the pandemic.

    Frequent Sanitization

    We provided all required PPE to our staff and they were instructed on how to utilize them. Additionally, all employees were given sanitizing wipes, gel, and hand cream to use throughout the day.

    Temperature Checks

    We checked all of our workers’ temperatures at the beginning of each shift and during the course of shifts if any employee showed signs of illness.

    Looking to the Future

    Moving forward, APM Hexseal’s highest priorities continue to be keeping our manufacturing lines running at full capacity and protecting the health and safety of our team and business partners. As such, while maintaining a number of the new protocols we implemented at the height of the pandemic, we are also applying more permanent solutions.

    Our team is currently re-mapping our factory floor to be more COVID suitable. This entails re-positioning some of our largest and heaviest pieces of manufacturing equipment, including our mold presses. This is a huge undertaking but we feel it is necessary to ensure the safety of our employees and the continuity of our production.  After this work is complete, our press operators will be significantly spread apart to ensure the necessary 6-foot social distance protocol. By rearranging our plant floor in this manner, we are eliminating the need to separate our workforce into teams, and therefore, can continue to run at full capacity even if new pandemic-related business restrictions were to arise.

    Reliable and Safe Sealing Solutions by APM Hexseal

    At APM Hexseal, we are committed to providing superior quality sealing solutions, while keeping all of our team members safe. To learn more about the ways in which we are protecting employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, ask the experts at APM Hexseal today. 

    Ever Better.

  4. COVID-19: APM Hexseal’s Sealing Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications

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    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in many industries have pressed on to fulfill critical needs throughout our society. As an essential business, APM Hexseal has proudly continued to manufacture mission-critical components for a variety of medical, military, and industrial applications. During this trying time, we’ve supplied thousands of the fasteners and sealing boots used to build ventilators, hospital beds, and COVID-19 test units while taking measures in our facility to ensure the safety of our team and our customers.

    COVID-19 Response Equipment & Challenges

    Medical equipment is right in the middle of a storm of germs: it’s exposed to numerous patients and handled by multiple medical professionals who carry bacteria on their gloved hands. Those bacteria can also hitch a ride from room to room on equipment as it travels throughout a hospital or medical center.

    Because of this, even without the threat of COVID-19, medical equipment is subject to constant cleaning; the sanitization schedule is even more intense as hospitals and emergency rooms battle this especially contagious virus. Chemicals and high pressure make the wash-downs effective, but they also put the equipment at risk of damage from water and sanitizing chemicals. It’s essential to protect electronics and vulnerable components to keep them functioning reliably, otherwise a single cleaning could ruin an expensive and life saving tool or machine.

    APM Hexseal’s sealing boots and hardware are made for this purpose. Because our products are resistant to many sanitizing chemicals, they can safely be used for a wide range of equipment—even those items that must be sanitized multiple times a day.

    APM Hexseal Sealing Solutions Can Meet These Demands

    Medical equipment is often delicate, but health care professionals rely on it to work flawlessly when they need it most. Many of the tools and machines are expensive, and they have to last through repeated use and cleaning. Our products are corrosion-resistant, and they protect against chemicals, water,  extreme weather  and pressure, sealing out the hazards while extending the life of a multitude of electronic components.

    Since 1947, our sealing solutions have been proudly Made in the USA at our facility in Englewood, NJ. In that time, we’ve accumulated more than 100 patents and served more than 200,000 customers. No matter the application, we can help you find a sealing solution.

    Our Products

    Our sealing boots, bushings, and hardware are especially in demand among medical manufacturers, but we serve a variety of other industries.

    Sealing Boots and Bushings

    • Toggle Boots: These protect switches that work in a back-and-forth motion.
    • Pushbutton Boots: These are designed to protect buttons that are pushed or pressed.
    • Rotary Boots: For rotary switches, these boots can withstand the friction without getting in the way of rotational movement.
    • Circuit Breaker Boots: These are ideal for mitigating fire hazards and preventing short-circuits by protecting breaker switches.
    • Rocker Boots: Designed to be installed on the switch before the switch itself is installed, rocker boots allow for unique actuating movements.
    • Bushing Seals: To complement sealing boots, bushing seals protect the mounting holes.

    Sealing Hardware

    • Seelskrews®and Seelbolts®: Reusable and resistant to vibration, these self-sealing bolts and screws can block or contain liquids, gases, dust, and air to prevent contamination.
    • Seelnuts®: When you use Seelnuts, there’s no need for gaskets, sealing compounds, or any other extra preparation. This single-piece design can be used with conventional screws, bolts, and studs without interfering with the nut’s thread count. Seelnuts are made of rubber and molded into a special cavity.
    • Seeloc® Washers: Made of molded silicone rubber and stainless steel discs, our Seeloc washers can be used (and reused) with ordinary bolts and screws. They can manage pressures up to 100 psi.

    Even during this challenging time, APM Hexseal is here for you. Although it is business as UN-usual, we’re honored to be able to do what we do best and send our products where they’re needed most, and we understand the responsibility we have in ensuring that other essential businesses can do their part. We’re committed to keeping our employees safe while delivering high-quality products with friendly, knowledgeable customer service. If you’d like to discuss your project, ask the experts at APM Hexseal.

    Ever better.

  5. Head Style or Drive Style? Don’t Lose Your Head With Our eBook

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    You are probably familiar with a number of screw and driver styles, but you may not be aware that hundreds of different drives in all shapes and sizes have been developed over the years. From slotted drives to hexagonal recessed drives, there are a wide variety of head and drive combinations for both everyday use and specialized applications.

    APM Hexseal has consulted with our in-house hardware specialists to compile a comprehensive collection of information on screw head and drive designs in our latest eBook. With this resource, you can better understand the characteristics that differentiate screws and drives, as well as the best applications in which to use them.

    Below you’ll find a short preview of the most common drives described in our in-depth eBook analysis.

  6. COVID-19 Impact and APM Hexseal Precautions

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    COVID-19 Response Supplier
    NJ Essentail Manufacturer

    It’s business as UN-usual at APM Hexseal!

    COVID-19 has affected all of us and APM Hexseal is no exception. First and foremost, we are mindful of our partners, friends and neighbors who have been impacted by this virus. We hope that anyone afflicted recovers quickly and fully.

    APM Hexseal supplies many, many products for the medical, military, food, beverage and sanitizing industries. We feel it is our duty and responsibility to continue to produce products for these industries who are on the front line of fighting this pandemic.

    To that end, we are taking extra precautions to safeguard our workforce and to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, while remaining in compliance with federal, state and local laws and declarations. We have developed a system of teams within the company and each employee has been assigned to a specific team.

    In order to limit interpersonal exposure, only one team is permitted in our facility at a time. When one team finishes a shift, we clean and sanitize the workspace before the next team comes in the following day. Employees who are not in the building are working diligently off-site to ensure that we fulfill our customers’ needs in a timely fashion with as little disruption as possible. We feel that this is the best way to both protect our workforce and keep our business operating.

    Our products are resistant to many chemicals, making them a critical component in applications that require sanitizing and wash down procedures. If we can help in any way, we are here for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at Info@apmhexseal.com.

    We are all in this together and together, we will prevail.

    Cover it. Seal it. Protect it. Ask the Experts at APM Hexseal.

    Ever better.

  7. How to Match Switches With Boots

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    Sealing Boots

    When working with electrical equipment, it is critical that the components be protected from contaminants and harsh environmental conditions.

    This is why APM Hexseal originally developed and patented the first sealing boots on the market, designed to shield electrical components from the incursion of unwanted moisture, pollutants, and other factors that could harm sensitive electrical components. In order to meet the needs of a comprehensive array of applications, APM Hexseal has since engineered a variety of sealing solutions in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and functions.

    Switches are a particularly crucial aspect of an electrical system and are often the component most exposed to compromising conditions.

    Switches must be readily accessible since they are used to initiate, regulate or disconnect the flow of electricity through a system. This often results in design compromises that place switches in unprotected environments. Choosing an ideal sealing boot to fit your switches will help protect your equipment from unwanted environmental influences and contamination.

    Type of Switch & Dimensional Values

    In order to select the right boot for your switch, it is important to first consider the function and dimensions of the switch itself.

    Types of Sealing Boots InfographicToggles

    Toggles come in numerous designs, shapes, and sizes, and are often used for simple on/off functions. A toggle switch operates in two positions—connected and disconnected—often through the use of a handle or lever. To select the appropriate sealing boot for a toggle, it is especially important to consider the overall dimensions, lever motion, and thread size of the toggle switch.

    Push Buttons

    A push button switch controls the flow of electricity through a button connected to an internal spring mechanism. Measure the diameter, thread size, and necessary actuation force to choose the right sealing solution for a push button switch.


    Rotary switches are operated using a turning motion. These switches are often used for switches that require more than two operating positions. To choose the correct boot for a rotary switch, consider the diameter, thread size, and functional requirements of the switch.


    Rocker switches are similar to toggle switches in that they are used for on/off functions. The primary difference is that they use a flat rocker design rather than a lever or handle to operate the switch. They are often found on computer equipment and in modern light switch designs. To ensure the proper boot for a rocker switch, take accurate measurements of the rocker and its operational movement.

    Circuit Breakers

    Circuit breakers are designed to switch automatically to the off position when excess current is detected. They are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations, so it is important to obtain precise measurements when selecting the best boot for your circuit breaker.

    Switch Application and Frequency of Use

    In addition to analyzing the design and dimensions of the switch, it is essential to take into account the exact application and frequency of use. High-use switches with a wide range of motion may necessitate a more durable or flexible boot material (elastomer).

    Depending on the application, equipment may be exposed to harsh conditions, including:

    • Corrosive chemicals
    • Extreme temperatures
    • Moisture
    • Saltwater
    • UV radiation

    It is important to have a thorough understanding of the elements to which the boot will be exposed to determine the best material. For example, a standard silicone boot may be ideal for frequent outdoor use due to its high durability and flexible nature, but would not withstand long-term exposure to certain corrosive chemicals or saltwater.

    Sealing boots can be customized to fit the needs of a wide range of applications. The material, size, shape, and even color can be tailored to protect your switches while enabling the highest degree of operability.

    Switch Samples and Durometer Testing

    At APM Hexseal, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the right boot for your switch. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will take into account the physical requirements of your application and use switch samples to ensure ideal protection and switch operation. With durometer testing, we ascertain the perfect material thickness, flexibility, and strength for each individual switch, so our customers know they are getting the best boot available.

    Installation Details

    It is important to consider the way the switch will be mounted to ensure adequate fit and function of the protective boot. The thickness of the surrounding panel, wiring, and dimensions all come into play. A thin panel, for example, requires a different style of installation to prevent the boot from interfering with the internal operations of the switch and surrounding equipment.

    Sealing Boots From APM Hexseal

    For over 70 years, APM Hexseal has been an innovative designer of superior sealing solutions. Our patented sealing boot design established an industry standard, and we have been improving and enhancing our designs ever since. APM Hexseal’s sealing boots and bushing seals provide reliable protection for both external and internal electrical components to ensure safe and dependable system operation.

    For more information on our full product line of sealing boots and bushing seals, ask the experts at APM Hexseal today.

    Ever better.

  8. Celebrating Alice Parker

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    APM Hexseal continues to celebrate black history month, and we’d like to celebrate Alice Parker!

    Alice H. Parker was an African American inventor who was awarded a patent for inventing a system of central heating using natural gas. Her patent was filed in 1919, when using natural gas to power a heating furnace was a revolutionary idea that conserved energy and was the foundation for the central heating systems in homes and buildings today.

    Parker was raised in Morristown NJ and her story is remarkable because being woman of color, before the civil rights and woman’s movements, she broke down many barriers with her outstanding engineering achievement.

    APM Hexseal’s products are used throughout HVAC systems and we’d like to honor and celebrate the people like Alice Parker whose drive and determination helped to create the industries we serve.

    APM Hexseal celebrates Black History Month!

    Ever better.

  9. Celebrating Elijah McCoy

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    This black history month, we wish to celebrate Elijah McCoy

    Elijah McCoy was born in 1844 in Ontario, Canada. His family was one of the few families who was successfully relocated to Canada by the Underground Railroad organization, and later on, their family became very successful.

    His parents worked hard and saved money until they had enough put together to send him to Scotland to learn Mechanical Engineering in an apprenticeship. He returned to the U.S. and led a highly successful career as an engineer.

    He submitted patents from 1872 through 1899 and held a total of 57! His patents included various lubricant applications, such as steam engines and safety valves, as well as oil drip cups and lawn sprinklers! All of these applications go hand in hand with APM Hexseal’s products.

    We wish to salute Elijah McCoy and all of the brilliant and creative souls who have helped pave the way for other inventors to dream big and change the world.

    APM Hexseal celebrates Black History Month!

    Ever better.

  10. Ever Better! APM Hexseal Announces Invigorated New Direction

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    APM Hexseal is undergoing significant internal changes. To reflect our growing business and new leadership, we’re rolling out a sleek new logo and brand identity that represents our place as an innovator in sealing solutions. We’re a 72-year-old family owned and operated company, and we’ve been the Global industry leader in sealing solutions for electronic and electromechanical equipment since our founding in 1947!

    We’ve been trying new things and innovating in the development of sealing products since our inception, proving to our customers that we can be relied on to provide an ever-expanding range of creative, effective sealing solutions—even for the most challenging of applications.

    Our Vision is Ever Better

    Our dedication to continuous improvement isn’t new, but we’re showing that dedication to the world with our new brand message: Ever better!

    First up, ever better leadership! We have some exciting things in store for our customers. First and foremost, Susanna Morse—granddaughter of co-founders Milton and Riva Morse—is taking on a bigger leadership role with the company and helping us to shape our new ever better vision for the company with the same spirit of innovation her grandparents once inspired us with.

    We’re so excited for Susanna to assume more responsibilities and we feel that this is a great way to show our customers that we’re moving forward without forgetting where we’ve been. We’re also gaining a plethora of valuable experience from several other members of our leadership team who will help us succeed in creating:

    • Ever better Products!
    • Ever better Quality!
    • Ever better Customer Service!
    • Ever better On-Time Delivery!

    Looking Towards Our Future

    Our striking new branding bears some explanation. The elements we’ve incorporated speak to our values as a company and as a family.  We’ve drawn inspiration from the moments in our history that have set us on the path toward an ever better future.

    The APM Hexseal family has been profoundly impacted by the devastating effects of pancreatic cancer, and we fully empathize with all who have felt the monumental consequences of this disease. We remain a champion for continued innovation in research and treatments for those who are valiantly fighting this terrible illness. The vibrant purple in our new logo represents our commitment to the fight against this disease. We want to show our unwavering support to every survivor, patient and family member touched by Pancreatic Cancer.

    Onward with APM Hexseal

    Change is good! Change and versatility drive innovation, and we want APM Hexseal to continue to be an innovator. We’re changing to adapt to the needs of the customers and industries we serve.

    Our founder, Milton Morse, invented the first sealing switch boots to protect U.S. military equipment during World War II and assisted in the development of what is now known as MIL-DTL-5423 specifications. With our new branding, new leadership, and our rededication to producing ever better products and solutions, we hope to honor Milton Morse and continue to develop amazing new sealing technologies that address the challenges faced by today’s customers.

    For more information about APM Hexseal’s branding, leadership, or line of sealing products, please contact us to Ask the Experts at APM Hexseal!

    Ever better.

Ever Better.

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