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Celebrating Elijah McCoy


This black history month, we wish to celebrate Elijah McCoy

Elijah McCoy was born in 1844 in Ontario, Canada. His family was one of the few families who was successfully relocated to Canada by the Underground Railroad organization, and later on, their family became very successful.

His parents worked hard and saved money until they had enough put together to send him to Scotland to learn Mechanical Engineering in an apprenticeship. He returned to the U.S. and led a highly successful career as an engineer.

He submitted patents from 1872 through 1899 and held a total of 57! His patents included various lubricant applications, such as steam engines and safety valves, as well as oil drip cups and lawn sprinklers! All of these applications go hand in hand with APM Hexseal’s products.

We wish to salute Elijah McCoy and all of the brilliant and creative souls who have helped pave the way for other inventors to dream big and change the world.

APM Hexseal celebrates Black History Month!

Ever better.