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COVID-19 Impact and APM Hexseal Precautions

COVID-19 Response Supplier
NJ Essentail Manufacturer

It’s business as UN-usual at APM Hexseal!

COVID-19 has affected all of us and APM Hexseal is no exception. First and foremost, we are mindful of our partners, friends and neighbors who have been impacted by this virus. We hope that anyone afflicted recovers quickly and fully.

APM Hexseal supplies many, many products for the medical, military, food, beverage and sanitizing industries. We feel it is our duty and responsibility to continue to produce products for these industries who are on the front line of fighting this pandemic.

To that end, we are taking extra precautions to safeguard our workforce and to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, while remaining in compliance with federal, state and local laws and declarations. We have developed a system of teams within the company and each employee has been assigned to a specific team.

In order to limit interpersonal exposure, only one team is permitted in our facility at a time. When one team finishes a shift, we clean and sanitize the workspace before the next team comes in the following day. Employees who are not in the building are working diligently off-site to ensure that we fulfill our customers’ needs in a timely fashion with as little disruption as possible. We feel that this is the best way to both protect our workforce and keep our business operating.

Our products are resistant to many chemicals, making them a critical component in applications that require sanitizing and wash down procedures. If we can help in any way, we are here for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at

We are all in this together and together, we will prevail.

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