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How Silicone Sealing Parts Impact Military Operations

At APM Hexseal, we know the importance of producing military-grade parts that work well under extreme conditions. Since World War II, we’ve been providing crucial sealing solutions for use in military applications, protecting sensitive electrical components from water, dust, dirt, inclement weather and a plethora of other environmental hazards. Our sealing solutions are robust, long lasting and are an economically intelligent choice. For these reasons, we have been the established industry leader in providing military-grade sealing boots and fasteners for more than 70 years.

We design and manufacture molded, sealed products that cover and protect various types of switches and circuit breakers, as well as panel openings, from harsh elements like extreme heat, strong winds, heavy rains, and fluid contamination. Along with our boots, we’ve developed a full line of self-sealing fasteners that can operate in a variety of environments.

Advantages of Silicone Sealing Solutions

Our sealing solutions offer a number of advantages that make them ideal for military components. Today’s soldiers operate in grueling conditions both at home and overseas. For this reason, we ensure that they can always rely on our products, under the most extreme conditions.

Our products provide protection from:

  • Grease and grime
  • Dust and other particulates
  • Dirt and sand
  • Snow, sleet, wind, and rain
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations
  • UV exposure
  • Mold and mildew

Due to their unique design, our sealing solutions offer 360° protection from hazardous substances and silicone rubber provides greater flexibility than other materials because it won’t interfere with mechanical, electrical and metal properties and functions. In addition, utilizing our reusable sealing hardware, to properly seal your systems and units, will greatly reduce the number of resources you spend on maintenance and repair, reducing costs, failure rate and downtime.

Rubber That Fights Back

Much like those who use them, our products don’t take sick days. We design our sealing solutions for optimal performance 24/7. A few of their most popular applications include:

  • Seal inside and outside of vehicle doors, windows, and hatches
  • Personal protection items, like helmets
  • Insulation for interior engine compartments
  • Vibration mounts for electronic displays
  • A variety of other custom molded rubber products created for choppers, tanks, missile defense systems and personnel carriers

Solutions You Can Rely on From APM Hexseal

Since the 1940s, we’ve provided top-quality parts for military and defense applications in the United States and around the globe. Our sealing products have helped us establish our place as a leading supplier for military manufacturers.

When you’re looking for ways to create tough, durable and long-lasting components, contact us and let us help you on your next project. Ask the Experts at APM Hexseal.

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