Over the past three decades, increases in transistor densities have led to significant growth within the electronics industry. From exclusive use in computers and communication systems to use in nearly every major industry, since their initial introduction, electronic circuits have become ubiquitous.

As electronic devices, equipment, and systems often play a critical role in industrial operations, ensuring they are properly protected is essential to maintaining both peak performance and user safety. One way that industry professionals protect sensitive electronics is by sealing them. Sealing helps to prevent contamination, overheating, and the buildup of moisture, all of which can drastically impact the integrity and longevity of the equipment. Any damage experienced by electronics may result in system failure, electrical shock, and generally poorer operation, but a sealing solution can help avoid all of these consequences.

Why Are Protective Sealing Solutions Essential for Sensitive Systems?

When designing an electrical system, it’s easy to leave proper sealing as an afterthought. However, sealing hardware plays a vital role in protecting equipment. Electrical systems generally contain fiber optic devices, electrical wiring, switches, microcontrollers, and routers, all of which can be damaged if they are not adequately protected.

Many environmental factors can impact electrical systems, including:

  • Pressure changes. Mobile electronics exposed to changes in altitude (including through submersion in water) experience internal pressure changes that can have detrimental effects on sensitive components.
  • External weather conditions. When electronic equipment is kept outdoors, it can be negatively impacted by rain, snow, and other environmental factors.
  • Exposure to outside liquids. Unsealed equipment runs the risk of being damaged when it comes into contact with spilled food or drinks.
  • Contamination. If the openings of electronic systems are left uncovered, they are subject to contamination from airborne contaminants such as dirt, salt, and grease.

Electronic systems are delicate; a single moment of contamination may lead to failure across an entire system. Finding the right protective solution is the key to avoiding this result.

Sealing Solutions for the Electronics Industry

The Benefits of Installing Electrical Covers, Boots, and Sealing Hardware

Sealing solutions, such as electrical covers, boots, and sealing hardware, protect electronic equipment by preventing environmental contaminants from penetrating through the enclosure to the sensitive internal components. At APM Hexseal, we provide a variety of high-quality sealing solutions. By using our products in their electronic equipment, customers benefit from longer equipment service lives as well as:


Our sealing products are highly versatile and can be adapted to individual equipment protection needs. They are suitable for use in wet or dry operating environments and come with a variety of material, size, color, and shape options to suit varying application requirements and restrictions.

Ease of Use

Each of our sealing solutions consists of a single-piece component, which facilitates installation, replacement, and removal. In addition to reducing labor time and costs, they reduce overall investment costs as they are fully reusable. This quality makes them ideal for use on systems that demand frequent access or maintenance.


Our sealing solutions offer multiple layers of protection to ensure that electronic systems are always fully sealed. By including secondary seals, the equipment is protected even if the upper chamber is somehow damaged. Additionally, the use of sealing boots and bushings increases the longevity of equipment by preventing corrosion and minimizing deterioration. These qualities reduce the frequency with which parts needed to be maintained and replaced.


Unsealed equipment isn’t just costly—it’s dangerous. By properly protecting electronic systems from moisture and heat, employees are better protected from shocks by compromised electronics.

Protect Electronic Systems With Sealing Solutions From APM Hexseal

APM Hexseal offers a wide range of sealing solutions to suit virtually every electronic system need. Our sealing products include:

  • Circuit breaker boots. Designed and manufactured with strong material that withstands chemical contamination, UV yellowing, and the harshest environmental conditions, our circuit breaker boots are a high-performing sealing solution. They also allow for lever actuation.
  • Rocker boots. Made from RUBRGLAS®, these electronic switch covers form a strong seal without the use of a threaded mounting nut.
  • Rotary boots. These sealing products are specially designed to seal gaps between the shaft and mounting panel while still allowing the switch’s shaft to rotate.
  • Toggle boots. Designed for use on toggle switches, these seals are made with a threaded nut to protect the switch without impeding its movement.
  • Sealing Fasteners.  A full line of sealing hardware and fasteners, including our trademarked Seelskrews®, Seelnuts®, Seelbolts® and Seeloc Washers®

If you need to safeguard your sensitive system from the harshest operating conditions, we’ve got you covered. Many of our products are UL recognized, making them the perfect sealing solution for NEMA rated enclosures. To learn more about our sealing product offerings or purchase one for your electronic system, ask the experts at APM Hexseal.