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Ever Better! APM Hexseal Announces Invigorated New Direction

APM Hexseal is undergoing significant internal changes. To reflect our growing business and new leadership, we’re rolling out a sleek new logo and brand identity that represents our place as an innovator in sealing solutions. We’re a 72-year-old family owned and operated company, and we’ve been the Global industry leader in sealing solutions for electronic and electromechanical equipment since our founding in 1947!

We’ve been trying new things and innovating in the development of sealing products since our inception, proving to our customers that we can be relied on to provide an ever-expanding range of creative, effective sealing solutions—even for the most challenging of applications.

Our Vision is Ever Better

Our dedication to continuous improvement isn’t new, but we’re showing that dedication to the world with our new brand message: Ever better!

First up, ever better leadership! We have some exciting things in store for our customers. First and foremost, Susanna Morse—granddaughter of co-founders Milton and Riva Morse—is taking on a bigger leadership role with the company and helping us to shape our new ever better vision for the company with the same spirit of innovation her grandparents once inspired us with.

We’re so excited for Susanna to assume more responsibilities and we feel that this is a great way to show our customers that we’re moving forward without forgetting where we’ve been. We’re also gaining a plethora of valuable experience from several other members of our leadership team who will help us succeed in creating:

  • Ever better Products!
  • Ever better Quality!
  • Ever better Customer Service!
  • Ever better On-Time Delivery!

Looking Towards Our Future

Our striking new branding bears some explanation. The elements we’ve incorporated speak to our values as a company and as a family.  We’ve drawn inspiration from the moments in our history that have set us on the path toward an ever better future.

The APM Hexseal family has been profoundly impacted by the devastating effects of pancreatic cancer, and we fully empathize with all who have felt the monumental consequences of this disease. We remain a champion for continued innovation in research and treatments for those who are valiantly fighting this terrible illness. The vibrant purple in our new logo represents our commitment to the fight against this disease. We want to show our unwavering support to every survivor, patient and family member touched by Pancreatic Cancer.

Onward with APM Hexseal

Change is good! Change and versatility drive innovation, and we want APM Hexseal to continue to be an innovator. We’re changing to adapt to the needs of the customers and industries we serve.

Our founder, Milton Morse, invented the first sealing switch boots to protect U.S. military equipment during World War II and assisted in the development of what is now known as MIL-DTL-5423 specifications. With our new branding, new leadership, and our rededication to producing ever better products and solutions, we hope to honor Milton Morse and continue to develop amazing new sealing technologies that address the challenges faced by today’s customers.

For more information about APM Hexseal’s branding, leadership, or line of sealing products, please contact us to Ask the Experts at APM Hexseal!

Ever better.