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APM Hexseal’s 2018 Year in Review

As the year comes to an end, we reflect on our highlights from 2018. Read on as we honor our employees and celebrate our achievements from one of APM Hexseal’s most productive years.

Honoring Riva Solins-Morse and David Morse

2018 began with the devastating loss of our co-founder, Riva Solins-Morse, in February, and her son and APM Hexseal owner, David Morse, in April. Both were beloved and respected by the entire APM Hexseal family, and their loss was monumental to us all.

We’ve worked hard to honor their memory. Despite the losses of these foundational family members, we’ve honored their memory by ushering in one of APM Hexseal’s most productive and transformative years.

A New Leadership Team

APM Hexseal celebrated a number of exciting and significant changes in our organization during our 71st year in business. Susanna Morse, granddaughter of co-founders Milton and Riva Morse, has stepped into a leadership role, guiding the direction and development of the company. She is the 3rd generation to occupy a strategic role at APM Hexseal and is joined by her mother, Carol Morse, in defining the vision and plan for the company as we look towards the future.  

Our General Manager, Bill Foster, has retired and we are excited to have Russ Wheeler join APM Hexseal and assume this key leadership role for the company.  Russ comes from a diverse manufacturing background and under his guidance, we are confident that APM Hexseal will achieve our strategic vision and aggressive growth goals.

Rounding out the leadership team are Jackie Hackett, new Senior Director of Global Sales, and Frank Konchalski, new Senior Director of Engineering and Quality. Together with Russ Wheeler, they will chart APM Hexseal’s course for 2019.

APM Hexseal looks forward to new strategies for the planning and development of the company under the vision and guidance of our new leadership.  

Lean Initiatives

As part of our efforts for self-improvement, we’ve undertaken a companywide 6S Lean Initiative. Focusing on six core features (Sort, Set, Standardize, Shine, Sustain, and Safety) crucial to manufacturing success, this initiative aims to identify ways in which we can improve individual processes and procedures to optimize the services that we provide.

This initiative has already lead to massive transformations throughout our team. 6S Lean Initiative’s focus on self-evaluation and ongoing improvement will help us achieve our goal of delivering top-quality products and services to our customers.

Training Initiatives

In 2018, APM Hexseal introduced a series of on-site training programs for employees. These programs work within the Lean Initiative curriculum to boost employee engagement and enthusiasm throughout our facility. Through our on-site training initiatives, we increased employee–management communication, empowering employees to share ideas and suggestions in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Launching new products and services

We at APM Hexseal are constantly searching for innovative solutions to new challenges. Our wide-reaching sales force works hard to nurture relationships with long-term customers and uncover new ways for them to achieve their goals.

APM Hexseal will continue to build its status as an innovator and leader in sealing solutions into 2019. With the introduction of a new line of standard and customized products, we look forward to providing our customers with unmatched services.

Giving back to the community

APM Hexseal has launched several eco-friendly and philanthropic initiatives in its effort to help improve the quality of life locally and around the world. Along with our ongoing support for a number of domestic and international charities, we’re continuously seeking to improve the environmental efficiency of both our products and processes.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

As of August 2018, we are now proudly certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. The ISO 9001 is a gold standard of quality management, certifying the safety and efficiency of our processes.

With the ISO 9001:2015 certification, APM Hexseal demonstrates that it provides products and services that consistently meet customer requirements. The certification testifies to the quality management principles that our company embodies, including strong leadership, commitment to customers, and evidence-based decision making.

Renewed Marketing Strategy

To bolster customer engagement in 2019, we’ve adopted a more aggressive marketing approach. We hope to reach diverse audiences across the globe through our marketing efforts.

As part of our revamped marketing strategy, we will be publishing comprehensive blog posts and eBooks offering insights and news concerning the sealing industry. We are very excited to further cement our position as a sealing industry leader. Stay tuned for more insights and information as they go live on our site.

Updates to the Website

As part of our revamped marketing strategy, we’re giving our website a full overhaul. With exciting new updates releasing soon, we seek to meet the growing needs of our customers across a range of industries.

Our visitors will now be able to find engaging and insightful content on our site. Subscribe to our newsfeed for receiving timely information on these updates.

Download Our New eBook: Seal Stuff In, Seal Stuff Out

We launched our first eBook, “Seal Stuff In, Seal Stuff Out”, earlier this year. The free eBook informs readers about the best ways to improve their machines’ efficiency by using the right sealing solutions.

This insightful guide will cover:

  • Why equipment failures occur
  • Hostile environments where problems can occur
  • Sealing mechanical equipment
  • Sealing electrical equipment

Full Speed Ahead for 2019

We once again want to take this time to honor the passing of Riva Solins-Morse and David Morse. Their steady leadership has made APM Hexseal into the industry leader it is today.

We are quite pleased with our performance in 2018. Our Lean Initiative, employee training programs, and new marketing strategy will continue to build our reputation as a service-based and customer-focused organization. Having been certified as a quality service provider by ISO, we are extremely optimistic about the year ahead.

If you would like to learn more about our products and processes at APM Hexseal, please contact us. We would love to have a chat with you.

Ever better.