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APM HEXSEAL Since 1947... The world's most hostile environments are our proving grounds.
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Switch & Circuit Breaker Sealing Boots Division
The original APM HEXSEAL® switch boot was patented more than half a century ago. Designed to address harsh environmental conditions that can seriously reduce component life and performance. There are more than 5,000 HEXSEAL® part numbers to choose from; matching most popular switch, potentiometer and circuit breaker part numbers and styles. Today, over 50 million HEXSEALs have been installed throughout the world by more than 200,000 OEM and MROs (more)



Self-Sealing Fasteners and Washers Division
APM Fastener Division was founded with the mission of providing high-pressure sealing solutions for industry and the military. APM immediately began to develop and patent a wide variety of self-sealing fastening products; self-sealing screws, self-sealing & self-locking bolts, self-sealing rivets, self-sealing locking nuts, and air and water-tight self-sealing washers. Each share a common characteristic of one-piece design with the ability to be reused multiple times.


GFCI Series of Circuit Breaker Boots
The 1113/25 will protect against penetration from water, moisture, dust, dirt, ozone, UV, fungus, lubricants, cleaning chemicals and most acids.

Inverted Bellow Toggle
Switch Boot

The Ultra Flex (1131-60) is designed to provide very little or no resistance to the actuator that would cause the breaker to trip. Patent Pending.

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Switch & Circuit Breaker Boots

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