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APM HEXSEAL. Since 1947... The world's most hostile environments are our proving grounds.

Self-Sealing Screws

Reusable, High-Pressure Self-Sealing Screws

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APM self-sealing screws

The APM SEELSKREW® is the original self-sealing screw designed and patented by APM. Our self-sealing screws are designed to seal out air, water, lubricants and other liquid or gaseous contaminants. They are available in many standard thread sizes and with optional sealing materials. When vibration is an issue, Our self-sealing screws can also be supplied with either self-locking pellets, strips or patches, black oxide, painted heads, or in a captivated (KAPTO-SKREW®) configuration. Sheet metal and other type self-sealing fasteners available on special order.

SEELSKREWs self-sealing screws are pre-assembled to provide both fastening and sealing integrity in a single unit. Unique design features a resilient silicone O-ring held captive in a precision engineered groove under the head. Vibration-resistant and reusable, they can withstand internal and external pressures/vacuum to 20,000 psig (137,895kPa).

SEELSCREW Self-Sealing Screws
Features and Benefits:

  • Positive sealing under vacuum or pressure
  • Install like a conventional fastener
  • Reusable & compatible with all surface finishes
  • Full 360° metal-to-metal contact assures fastening integrity
  • Optional O-ring seal materials - silicone rubber, BUNA-N, *Viton®, others
  • Uniform, high-strength design
  • UL & CSA Recognized
  • UL Tested
  • Made in USA

*Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

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To order self-sealing screws
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About APM's Sealing Boots Division:
The Electronics Division of APM HEXSEAL develops and manufactures environmental protection sealing components for controls that are mounted on switches, potentiometers, encoders, and circuit breakers. Using advanced elastomer molding technology, a broad range of sealing boots are produced to match most controls manufactures’ standard part numbers. Most are IP66/68 ingress protection rated and UL Recognized as meeting applicable Canadian and USA enclosure protection standards.

About APM's Self-Sealing Fastener Division:
The APM line of high-pressure, reusable, self-sealing fasteners includes self-sealing screws, self-sealing nuts, self-sealing bolts, self-sealing rivets, and self-sealing washers, all designed to seal in/out air, water, lubricants and other liquid or gaseous contaminants. This sealing hardware is available in Imperial (inch) and metric sizes with various sealing material and thread-locking options, most of which are UL Recognized Components for Canada and the USA.

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